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How can inviting for reviews affect the TrustScore?

Companies often get more feedback if they ask for reviews. And if they deliver great service, the reviews should reflect that, leading to a higher TrustScore.

Reviews can be 'organic' or invited

At Trustpilot, reviews can be collected in three ways:

  • Consumers can sign up to Trustpilot and write reviews about businesses they’ve had buying or service experiences with. Because they do this on their own initiative, we call these 'organic' reviews
  • Businesses can invite their customers to write reviews using their own systems, or
  • Businesses can invite customers to write reviews using Trustpilot’s automatic invitation services.

Of course, consumers have to be eligible to leave a review and be able to provide documentation showing their buying or service experience if asked to verify their review.

Also, if businesses invite their customers, they're responsible for ensuring that review invitations are neutral in both substance and form. This requirement applies equally to all businesses who use Trustpilot - regardless of whether they subscribe to our paid services or not (see our Company Guidelines).

Invitations can lead to a higher TrustScore

Not all customers take the time to write organic reviews on their own initiative. Companies can receive a higher number of reviews if they expressly invite their customers to review them.

When companies invite their customers to write reviews, they engage people who otherwise may not have bothered to provide feedback. We often see that inviting people entices many satisfied customers to express their opinions when they otherwise wouldn’t have done so.

All in all, companies that invite their customers to leave feedback are often reviewed by a larger and more representative group of customers. For companies that have a high level of customer service, this often results in a greater number of positive reviews and therefore a higher TrustScore.



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