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​The Invitation History

When you log on to your Business Portal and go to the Invitations module, you will find the Invitation History in the top left corner. The Invitation History gives an overview of all invitations sent, regardless of the delivery status, and allows you to track any errors in your invitation configurations.

Select filter

The Select filter drop-down box, located at the top left side of the page, allows you to filter by Email or reference number, Method, Status or Date.

Please note that the Unique Link Invitations, Embedded Review Form Invitations and Simple Review Invitations will not be shown in the Invitation History.

Export invitations

You have the option to export your invitations to a .csv file by clicking on the Export invitations button found at the top right side of the page. Make sure to select whether you'd like the data to be separated by comma (,) or semicolon (;) and your file will be downloaded once it is complete. Please note that it's only possible to download the last 1,000 entries from the invitation history and filters do not affect the export.

Cancel invitations

The red Cancel invitations button on the top right side of the page allows you to cancel all queued invitations. Please note that it's not possible to cancel a single invitation, and once invitations are cancelled, they cannot be activated again. Read more here.

The Invitation History columns

The columns are displayed in the following table format:

  • Customer email: This field displays the (customer's) email that will receive the invitation
  • Status: Displays the status of each invitation, and changes depending where the invitation is in the send process

Please contact our Support Team for any unsuccessful delivery you’re unable to resolve yourself.

  • Created: The date the invitation was created - for Automatic Feedback Service invitations, the date displayed is the date Trustpilot received the trigger email
  • Sent: The date the invitation was sent to the recipient
  • Reference Number: The unique identifier for the invitation which was supplied by you when the invitation was created

Specified invitation details

You can click on a specific invitation to see further details.

The first line provides a description of the invitation’s current status.

The expanded view shows:

  • Name: The name of the recipient. This field is configurable before the invitation is delivered. If there is no customer name, the default name is Customer (Customer is translated into the relevant language based on the template language)
  • Email: The email of the recipient. This field cannot be configured and is mandatory to create an invitation. If no email is added it will create an error and the invitation will not be sent
  • Reference number: The unique identifier for the invitation
  • Created: The date the invitation was created
  • Status: Current status of the invitation
  • Sent: The date the invitation was sent
  • Invitation reminder: A status field that shows whether the invitation reminder is enabled, scheduled or sent
  • Method: Which invitation method you are using
  • Sender name: The name that will be shown as the sender of the invitation
  • Sender email: The email that will be shown as the sender of the invitation
  • Reply-to: The email the customer will reply to, if they click reply in their inbox
  • Locale: The locale of the customer and the language code of the landing page, for example: en-US is English (United States)



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