Send invitations by copy-pasting customer data from a document

If you only want to invite a few customers manually, you can copy-paste their data from a spreadsheet or document into your Trustpilot Business account. Here’s how to do it.


● Manual input and copy & paste manual invitation methods will not be available for new free and paying customers signing up on or after Oct 1, 2020.

Existing paying customers will lose access to manual input and copy & paste manual invitation methods 90 days after next contract renewals on or after Nov 1, 2020.

Existing free customers will lose access to manual input and copy & paste manual invitation methods after 90 days from Oct 1, 2020.

  1. In Trustpilot business, go to Get reviews. Click Try a different way to get reviews.
  2. Select Copy-paste data (service reviews)
  3. Copy-paste your customers' data from your spreadsheet or text editor to the text box. Be sure to separate the data by tabs, semicolons (;) or commas (,). You can copy up to 300 customers at a time.

  1. Check the order of the columns. They must be in this order: (1) email, (2) name, (3) reference number. Click Continue.
Note: The reference number field should not contain special characters like # or *. If you need to use special characters, use / or - instead.
  1. In Add Invites, you can add more customers one by one. If you don’t want to add more, or are satisfied, click Continue.
  2. In the Sender name field, enter your sender information. Select the Reply-to email address from the drop-down menu. Click Continue.

  1. In Create your invitation email, click Select template.

  1. In the dialog box under Optimized templates by Trustpilot, choose the language and template you would like to use for your invitation. Click Select this template.
  2. In the Invitations landing page to send customers to drop-down menu, select the local Trustpilot website that you want to send your customers to when they write their review. Click Next.

  1. Review your data. If you're satisfied, click Send Invitations.

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