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Product Reviews - Send manual invitations to your customers

It’s easy to invite your customers to leave product reviews. Our manual invitation method helps you request product and service reviews with one single email invitation.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Go to your Trustpilot Business account and select the Invitations module.
  2. Next, click on Invite Customers.
  3. Select Product Reviews.
  4. Click on Select file and upload your CSV file with relevant customer and product data.

Your CSV file must include the following data in this order:

  • Customer email
  • Customer name
  • Reference number (the customer’s internal reference number)
  • SKU
  • Product name
  • Product URL
  • Image URL (optional)

If you were not able to organize your CSV file in the specified order, there’s a quick fix. Add a column header to tell our system what data you’ve placed in what column. You’ll need to write these exact header names in English: customer email, customer name, reference number, SKU, product name, product URL, image URL.

Add multiple products to one invitation

You may include multiple products in one email invitation. Once the customer's email address and reference number are set up, multiple SKUs entered for different products will be sent in a single email.

"customer-A@email.com";"Name Surname A";"order001";"sku00069";"Product name 1";"https://www.shop.com/product1.html";"https://www.shop.com/images/products/00069.jpg"
"customer-B@email.com";"Name Surname B";"order002";"sku00070";"Product name 2";"https://www.shop.com/product2.html";"https://www.shop.com/images/products/00070.jpg"
"customer-C@email.com";"Name Surname C";"order003";"sku00071";"Product name 3";"https://www.shop.com/product3.html";"https://www.shop.com/images/products/00071.jpg"
"customer-C@email.com";"Name Surname C";"order003";"sku00072";"Product name 4";"https://www.shop.com/product4.html";"https://www.shop.com/images/products/00072.jpg"
"customer-C@email.com";"Name Surname C";"order003";"sku00073";"Product name 5";"https://www.shop.com/product5.html";"https://www.shop.com/images/products/00073.jpg"

Once a CSV file is selected, the content is analyzed. If you receive a message in a green box, all lines in the file are correctly formatted.

If you receive a message in a yellow or red box, some or all of the lines in the file are incorrectly formatted. You can download a file containing the invalid lines and information explaining the error(s).

When you click Continue, the system checks for any invalid characters that would render the line invalid.

      1. Click Continue.
      2. Set up your sender information and click Continue.
      3. Configure your landing page and customize your template and click Next.
      4. You will see a summary of the invites you are about to send out. Click Send invitations if the information is correct.
      5. A pop-up window will show while the data is being transferred to our server. After we have received the data, you will see this confirmation screen.



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