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The Trustpilot Reviews App for Hootsuite makes it easy to incorporate reviews in your social media marketing strategy. You can use the app to share reviews instantly to one or more social networks or schedule them to be posted at a later time. You can also use the app to monitor your customers’ feedback and quickly reply to reviews directly from Hootsuite.

How to install and set up the Trustpilot Reviews App in Hootsuite

  1. Go to your Hootsuite dashboard, and in the launch menu, click on App Directory.
  2. In the pop-up window, type "Trustpilot Reviews" in the search tool, then click Install.

Now that you have installed the Trustpilot Reviews App, you can create one or more streams with your Trustpilot reviews.

You can learn more about Streams on the Hootsuite Help Center.

How to create a stream with your Trustpilot reviews

Please note that you must log in to your Trustpilot Business account before you can create a stream with your Trustpilot reviews.

  1. Log in to your Trustpilot Business account directly from the Trustpilot Reviews App by clicking on the Log in to your business account button.

Note: If your Trustpilot Business account user has access to multiple websites, you'll see the following screen:

  1. Here you'll be prompted to select the website with the reviews you wish to have shown in the stream. Pick a website from the drop-down menu and click Save and Show.

You can show reviews for one website per stream. If you want to see reviews for multiple websites, you can add multiple streams in Hootsuite.

When you log in, reviews will appear in the stream.

How to share reviews from Hootsuite

  1. To share a review from Hootsuite, hover your mouse cursor over the review in the stream. A Share review icon will appear in the top right corner. Click on the icon to get the sharing process started.
  2. Next, a Hootsuite composer box will appear with a pre-populated quote from the review and a short link to the review on Trustpilot. Now you can edit so you only share the part of the review you want. Share the review quote right away or schedule it to be posted later.

Here's an example of a review shared on Twitter:

How to reply to a review from Hootsuite

To reply to a review, hover your mouse cursor over the review in the stream and click on the Reply to review icon when it appears in the top right corner. Write your comment and press Reply. After your reply has been published, you always have the option to Edit or Delete it. You can do this directly in Hootsuite.

More Hootsuite settings

How to filter reviews

If you'd like to monitor the reviews with a particular star rating, click the funnel icon. Here you can filter reviews by star rating, Replied or Not replied.

Note: It's possible to have multiple streams showing reviews for the same website. For example, you can have one stream showing 1-star, 2-star and 3-star reviews, and another stream showing 4-star and 5-star reviews.

How to refresh a stream

New reviews will appear in the stream based on Auto Refresh. You can change the auto refresh settings in the top left corner by clicking on the down arrow icon at the top left side of the page. Or you can refresh manually by clicking on the circle arrow icon at the top right side of the stream.

How to delete a stream

If you wish to delete a stream, click on the vertical dots icon in the top right corner of the stream, and then click Delete Stream in the drop-down menu.

How to log out

To log out of the Trustpilot Reviews App, click on the gear wheel icon in the top right corner of the app. A drop-down menu will appear where you'll find the Log out button.

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