How do we address company misuse of our reporting function?

Businesses that misuse our reporting function damage the trustworthiness of our online review community. We take this very seriously. When necessary, we warn businesses. If they persist with misuse, we can limit access to their Trustpilot account and place a Consumer Warning on their profile.

What is Trustpilot’s reporting function?

Businesses that have claimed their company profile on Trustpilot can log into their business account to report reviews they believe violate our Guidelines for Reviewers. All businesses can use this function, regardless of whether they subscribe to our free or paid services.

Reported reviews are temporarily hidden, pending investigation by our Content Integrity Team. They can later be removed or reinstated, depending on the outcome of the investigation.

What is misuse of the reporting function?

Activities that we consider misuse include, but are not limited to:

Reporting only negative reviews

Example: The PR Manager for Company A logs into their Trustpilot Business Account and reports all the 1-star reviews of Company A that contain personal information such as names or email addresses. However, the PR Manager does NOT report 4- or 5-star reviews that also contravene the guidelines in exactly the same way.

Re-reporting reviews that comply with our guidelines

Example: The director of Company B repeatedly re-reports the worst reviews about her business, even though they don't actually contravene Trustpilot's guidelines. The director is simply trying to get these reviews removed.

Flagging a competitor’s positive reviews

Example: An employee of Company C finds his main competitor's profile page on Trustpilot and flags positive reviews of that business so that these are investigated. Company C’s employee simply wants to damage the rival business’s reputation and lower its star ratings and TrustScore.

How do we detect misuse of the reporting function?

We have advanced software that scans our platform for abuse of our reporting function. We also investigate every report of misuse submitted via our whistleblower function.

What do we do when we detect misuse of the reporting function?

We consider the behavior outlined above as damaging to our online review community. We also deem it a breach of our Guidelines for Businesses (US, UK) and Terms & Conditions (US, UK).

If we detect such behavior, we'll send a warning to the business where we explain the problem and ask them to stop. If they continue the behavior, we'll take further action such as placing a Consumer Warning on their Trustpilot profile page, limiting access to their business account and, if necessary, taking disciplinary action including terminating any contract they have with us.

Read more in our Action We Take policy.