How do we handle misuse of the review flagging tool for consumers?

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Flagging reviews that breach our guidelines is a great way to help us protect our platform! We ask that you flag reviews fairly, consistently, and only when you genuinely believe there's a problem.

What is the flagging tool for consumers?

Consumers can let us know about reviews that break the rules by clicking the flag icon below a review. Our Content Integrity Team will assess the review and, depending on the outcomes of their investigation, the review will stay online or be removed.

What is misuse of the flagging tool?

Activities that we consider to be misuse include, but aren't limited to:

Flagging reviews that comply with our guidelines

Example: John doesn't like Company A because he's had a bad experience with them, so he flags 15 of their 5-star reviews. John simply wants to get these reviews removed.

Repeatedly flagging the same review

Example: John can see that one of the 5-star reviews for Company A that he flagged last month is still visible on Trustpilot. After John flagged it, the review was investigated by our Content Integrity Team who found, correctly, that it didn't contravene our guidelines. John simply doesn’t like Company A, so he flags the review again.

When a business uses the consumer flagging tool

Businesses shouldn't use the consumer flagging tool. Instead, we ask that they log into their Trustpilot Business account to flag their reviews

What action do we take against misuse?

We consider the behavior outlined above as damaging to our online review community. We also deem it a breach of our Guidelines for Reviewers and Terms & Conditions (US, UK).

Our usual process is to send a warning to the person in question to inform them about the problem(s) and ask them to stop flagging reviews incorrectly. If they persist, or the behavior is particularly severe, we might block access to their account.

Read more in our Action We Take policy.

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