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What happens to reviews when a company changes ownership?

Trustpilot reviews stay online where a company changes hands. However, new owners can inform people about the change of ownership by updating their profile page and replying to existing negative reviews.

We appreciate that when new owners take over a company, they may want to have the existing Trustpilot reviews on that company’s profile page removed. This would allow them to start with a clean slate, and gather reviews about the service they provide.

However, we don’t remove reviews if the reviewed company is taken over by new owners. New ownership doesn’t change or invalidate the experiences that reviewers had with the company at the time they wrote their reviews. We believe that removing these reviews would be inconsistent with our core values of trust and transparency, because we would be removing content that is a genuine expression of the reviewers’ buying or service experiences.

What companies can do

To let our community know about a company takeover or new ownership, we suggest that companies customize their profile pages to include that information, and the date of the takeover.

It can also be beneficial for new company owners to look through and reply to any unanswered negative reviews. Aside from learning more from previous customers, it’s also an opportunity to inform reviewers about the change of ownership.

We’d also add that on Trustpilot, the TrustScore gives more weight to recent reviews rather than old reviews, as we believe that new reviews provide a more up-to-date indication of the current level of customer satisfaction. Over time, this will mean that the TrustScore will reflect the performance of the new owners, even though all of the company’s reviews remain. You can read more about how the TrustScore is calculated here.



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