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Group purchases - who can review? Follow

When purchases are made by one person on behalf of a larger group, it can be difficult to figure out who’s eligible to leave a review on Trustpilot. But fear not, we’re here to help!

Some examples of group purchases include a family going on holiday together or a company sending several of its employees to a training course.

As a general rule, one buying or service experience equals one review. So it’s only users that have had a direct buying or service experience with the vendor company that are entitled to leave a review. When we say ‘buying or service experience’, we mean purchasing a product or service, placing an order, directly using the company's services or something equivalent. Also, it must be able to be documented.

In the above examples, the person who had the buying experience is the family member who booked the holiday in her name for her relatives, and the company employee who booked the training course on behalf of his colleagues. Since only one person made a booking in each case, there is only one buying experience each time, and therefore only one Trustpilot review can be written for each event.

The other family members and employees attending the holiday and the training course wouldn’t be entitled to leave a review. This is because they haven’t had a direct buying experience with the travel agent or the company. Their reviews would be based on an assessment of the product itself (the holiday or the training course), rather than the buying experience.

Further examples of the same rule include:

  1. A company orders lunch for its employees from a catering website. In this case, the person at the company who placed the lunch order can leave a review of the catering site on Trustpilot. The employees who ate the lunch wouldn’t be allowed to leave a review since they haven’t had a direct buying experience with the catering company.
  2. A company hires an external firm to install software for its employees. Here, the person at the company who placed the order can review the external software firm. The employees using the software wouldn’t be allowed to leave a review on Trustpilot since they haven’t had a buying experience with the software company.

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