How-to Guide: Import and integrate non-Trustpilot product reviews

When your existing customers are talking about you, your potential customers are listening.

Start collecting reviews today!

Has your company collected product reviews using another vendor? You can easily import and integrate your product reviews to Trustpilot, but please note that service reviews cannot be imported.

Note: You may need to upgrade your plan to access some of these features

How to import product reviews

Provide us with a Comma Separated Values (CSV)file, and follow this format with fields separated by semicolons ;

Joe;Product Name 1;sku1;"Good product!";5;2015-11-21T01:51:17+00:00
Jane;Product Name 2;sku2;"Bad product :-(";1;2015-11-21T01:51:17+00:00
Maria;Product Name 3;sku3;"It's ok...";3;2015-11-21T01:51:17+00:00

List information in this order:

  • Customer name
  • Product name
  • SKU
  • Review content
  • Star rating (1 to 5 with no decimals)
  • Date and time created - Format this according to the ISO 8601 date and time format (for example, 2015-11-21T01:51:17+00:00). 

Send the Comma Separated Values (CSV) file to your Account Manager and we will import it. Once verification and processing are completed, the review will appear on your website. You can integrate all non-Trustpilot product reviews this way.

After the import

All your product reviews will be collected in two separate API calls, one containing your imported non-Trustpilot product reviews, and the other containing your Trustpilot product reviews.

How to easily integrate both Trustpilot and non-Trustpilot product reviews

The Product Reviews MultiSource TrustBox is the easiest way to import and showcase all your Trustpilot and non-Trustpilot product reviews for one product.

SEO benefits

If integrated correctly with rich snippets, the imported non-Trustpilot product reviews can have SEO benefits. Remember that duplicate content has a negative SEO effect. We recommend only showing individual reviews in one place. Learn more about product reviews and SEO.

Star ratings

  • Organic search: If the implementation is performed correctly, there will be star ratings for your existing products in organic search. Read more here.
  • Paid search/Google AdWords: Companies can use Google AdWords to promote certain search results. Products with star ratings (in organic search) will be displayed in Google AdWords.
  • Google Shopping and PLAs: Trustpilot will not feed your imported (non-Trustpilot) product reviews to Google. But you are welcome to request assistance from your previous product review vendor. Some vendors continue feeding reviews up to 12 months after a contract has ended.

Developer Guide:

  • You can import as many product reviews as you want. But, it’s a one-time operation.
  • The imported product reviews will only be displayed on your website.

Reminder: Trustpilot contracts state explicitly that you may only import product reviews that you have the right to use.

These are the methods that will allow you to integrate your non-Trustpilot and Trustpilot product reviews:

How to get a summary of your Trustpilot product reviews

Begin by displaying the overall star rating of all your Trustpilot product reviews for a given product. The product reviews summary API contains information about star averages, distribution, and count.

The API documentation is here.

How to get your Trustpilot product reviews

Display the product reviews you’ve collected through Trustpilot. Your customers can see the review content, date of creation, individual star rating, review ID, and display name of the customer/reviewer.

The API documentation is here.

How to get a summary of imported non-Trustpilot product reviews

You can get a summary of your imported non-Trustpilot product reviews using this API, either for a single SKU or multiple SKUs. Use this information to display the overall star rating for a product. The summary contains information about star averages, distribution, and counts.

How to get imported non-Trustpilot product reviews

Get your imported non-Trustpilot product reviews through this API, using your business unit ID and SKU(s). The data pulled from the API contains individual product reviews and the name of the reviewer, date created, star rating, and review text.

Access the product reviews API documentation here.


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