Import and integrate third party product reviews

This feature is part of the Product Reviews add-on module.

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If your business has collected product reviews using another review platform, and you want to consolidate them all in one place, you can import and integrate them into Trustpilot.

Once you've integrated your reviews, star ratings can start appearing for your existing products in organic search. You'll also be able to use Google Ads to promote certain search results.

Import product reviews

    1. Create a CSV file that contains your reviews. List information in this order:
      • Customer name
      • Product name
      • SKU
      • Review content
      • Star rating (1 to 5 with no decimals)
      • Date and time created – Format this according to the ISO 8601 date and time format (for example, 2015-11-21T01:51:17+00:00).

The information in the file should look like this:

"Joe";"Product Name 1";"sku1";"Good product!";"5";"2015-11-21T01:51:17+00:00"
"Jane";"Product Name 2";"sku2";"Bad product :-(";"1";"2015-11-21T01:51:17+00:00"
"Maria";"Product Name 3";"sku3";"It's ok...";"3";"2015-11-21T01:51:17+00:00"
      1. In Trustpilot Business, go to Product reviews > Third-party reviews. Click Import reviews.
      2. A dialog box will appear. Accept the terms and conditions and click Continue.
      3. Drag your CSV file into the file pane.
      4. Review the contents of the file and click Confirm to finish importing your reviews.

Once your third party reviews have been imported, you can then use one of our Multisource TrustBoxes to display them on your website.

Integrate product reviews

Your product reviews can be accessed through four API calls, two containing your imported non-Trustpilot product reviews and the others containing your Trustpilot product reviews. You can use them to: 

      1. Display the overall star rating of all your Trustpilot product reviews for a given product by using the Get product reviews summary method.
      2. Display the product reviews you’ve collected through Trustpilot by using the Get product reviews method.
      3. Display the overall star rating of all your imported product reviews for a given product by using the Get imported product reviews summary method. The summary contains information about star averages, distribution, and counts.
      4. Pull information about individual imported product reviews from the API, i.e. the name of the reviewer, date created, star rating, and review text by using the Get imported product reviews method.