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Send invitation reminders

Invitation reminders is a recommended feature for companies who want to remind their customers to write a review. A reminder is sent to customers who did not write a review in response to the first email invitation. By activating the invitation reminders feature, you'll offer customers another opportunity to leave a review. Invitation reminders can increase your current conversion rate by up to 35% and we recommend activating it as a way to increase the number of reviews you receive from your customers.

There is an option to set a delay on the invitation reminders feature. This allows you to decide the length of time between the original invitation and the reminder. To set the delay, simply choose the number of days/weeks you wish to delay the sending of the reminder.

Please note that all Sender Email information used in the first email invitation will be used again in the reminder email invitation.

How each invitation reminder is triggered

If invitation reminders are active, a reminder will be scheduled to be sent after every invitation, once the specified delay period is over.

When the delay period ends, if the customer has not yet posted a review and the reminder setting is active at that moment, a reminder will be sent.

Note: No reminders will be scheduled or sent while the reminder setting is set to off.

The invitation reminders template

Note: The content in our invitation reminders template cannot be revised, and it uses the same language settings as the optimized invitation template.



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