Send invitation reminders

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Want to remind customers to write a review? Send an invitation reminder to encourage people to give you feedback.

Send invitation reminders to customers who didn't respond to the original email invitation. By activating the invitation reminders feature, you'll offer customers another opportunity to leave a review. Invitation reminders can increase your current conversion rate by up to 35%.

Configure an Invitation reminder

  1. In Trustpilot Business > Get Reviews > Invitation Settings > Timing and frequency, enable Invitation reminders.
  1. In the drop-down menu, set the delay period for the reminder, then click the Save changes button.


The reminder will be sent from your original sender email address after the delay period has passed.

To send a reminder, three things need to happen:

  • You must enable reminders before you create an invitation.
  • Reminders must be enabled when the invitation is scheduled to be sent.
  • The reviewer hasn't posted a review by clicking on the link in the original invitation.

Invitation reminders won't be sent in the following situations:

  • If you didn't enable reminders before you created the invitation, no reminder will be sent (even if you enable reminders afterwards).
  • If you enable reminders before the invitations are created, but disabled them before the reminder was sent, the reminder will not be sent.

The content in the Invitation reminders template cannot be customized and appears in the same language as your local landing page.