For which reasons can companies report reviews?

If there’s a review on your company profile page that violates our guidelines, you can report it from your Trustpilot business account for five reasons.

Reasons for reporting a review:

1. It's harmful or illegal

If you choose this reason, you'll be asked to choose a sub-reason:

  • Hate speech or discrimination. We can remove content like racial slurs or abuse, or attacks against protected groups of people.
  • Terrorism. We can remove content that intends to radicalize people, spreads harmful propaganda, mobilizes support for terrorist activities, or relates to violent extremism.
  • Threats or violence. We can remove content such as cyberbullying, intimidation, stalking, promotion of gang culture, and death threats.
  • Obscenity. We can remove content that’s extremely offensive or grotesque.
  • Defamation. We can remove content that unjustly causes significant damage to people’s reputations.

We don't remove content just because you dislike or disagree with it, or it criticizes your business.

2. It contains personal information

We can remove things like names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and anything else that could be used to identify someone.

However, we don’t remove information that’s already in the public domain, or the reviewer’s own personal information.

3. It's advertising or promotional

We can remove content that includes a promotional code, a call to action, or advertises for another business or an unrelated product.

We don’t remove content just because it mentions another business or you disagree with it.

4. It's not based on a genuine experience

We can remove a review if the reviewer wasn’t eligible to write a review about the company. For example, if the reviewer is an employee, a competitor, was paid to write a fake review, or wrote the review more than 12 months after their experience. Read more about who can write a review and when.

We don’t remove a review just because the reviewer didn’t buy something from your business, or you disagree with their version of events.

5. It's about a different business

If you choose this reason, you'll be asked to choose a sub-reason:

  • It's about one of my other domains. We can move a review that's meant for one of your other domains, for example, if it was left on your profile page but it should be on your profile page.
  • It's about another business entirely. We can remove a review if it clearly indicates it’s for another business, like if it describes buying a handbag and your business sells insurance.
  • I don't recognize the reviewer. You'll be directed to our Find Reviewer tool so you can request more specific information about the reviewer and their experience.

We don’t remove a review just because it doesn’t mention your business’s name.

Handy hints

  • Each review can only be reported for one reason at a time. We assess the review for that reason.
  • Some options aren’t available in specific circumstances. For example, if you invited a customer to review your business, you can’t report their review for not being based on a genuine experience. Makes sense, right?
  • You need to use the Find Reviewer tool before you can report organic reviews for not being based on a genuine experience.
  • Report consistently and fairly. If you report negative reviews for containing personal information, you should also report positive reviews for containing personal information. Our Transparent Flagging feature gives people an overview of all your reporting activities, including the star ratings of reviews you’ve reported.

Misuse of the reporting function

The reporting function is an important feature in our review community. If you misuse it, we can limit or block access to your business account and place a prominent consumer alert on your profile to warn consumers. Read more.

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