For which reasons can companies report reviews?

If a review violates Trustpilot's User Guidelines, the reviewed company can report it from their business account for one or more of 11 reasons.

We ask companies to report reviews from their business account so we get all the information we need to handle requests as efficiently as possible. Companies are asked to explain which part of the review breaches the User Guidelines (US, UK) and why. They'll also be able to create a public version of their report that will be visible on Trustpilot.

Reasons for reporting a review

There's a problem with part(s) of the review

  • The review contains offensive language that is accusatory, defamatory, violent, coarse, sexist or racist
  • The review contains personal information that could be used to track, identify, contact or impersonate someone (e.g. name, address, phone number, email, or credit card details)
  • The review includes promotional references (including links)
  • The review violates someone else's intellectual property, privacy/confidentiality, or personality rights

The whole review is problematic

  • The review is marketing or spam
  • The review is on the wrong company profile
  • The review was not written within 12 months from the date of the reviewer's buying or service experience
  • The content is solely ethical, political or value-laden opinion, and doesn't mention a buying or service experience

The reviewer isn't allowed to post the review

  • The reviewer is a competitor
  • The reviewer has created multiple profiles to review the same company multiple times
  • This reviewer has not had a genuine buying or service experience. Note: For organic reviews, this reporting option is only available after companies have first tried to get in touch directly with the reviewer using the Find Reviewer tool.

Handy hints about the process

The reasons for reporting reviews correspond to Trustpilot's User Guidelines (US version, UK version), so it's helpful to have them on hand when reporting. See also our quick guide here.

  • Each review can be reported once, unless it's updated and new content is added by the reviewer. That means companies should clearly explain how the review violates our rules. Our Content Integrity Team will then investigate whether the review should be restored, edited by the reviewer, or removed.
  • Some reporting options aren't available in specific circumstances. For example, if a company invites a customer to write a review following a purchase, it doesn't make sense to be able to report for the reason: "This reviewer has not had a genuine buying or service experience".
  • There'll be a public reporting reason. The company will be asked to write a public version of their reason for reporting. This will be visible to everyone on Trustpilot. Companies should ensure their replies are polite and comply with Trustpilot's Company Guidelines (US version, UK version).
  • The process takes time. If we have to contact the reviewer to request changes or documentation, we usually give them up to 7 days to reply. Where multiple changes are required, there can be some back and forth between the reviewer and our Content Integrity Team, which can take time. During this process, companies will be able to see each time the review is updated, but the review will remain offline until the reported problem is addressed.

Tips on our rules

  • Reviews can be about service experiences. Making a purchase justifies writing a review, but placing an order or using a company's services can also be enough. Read more here.
  • Delivery is also considered part of the service experience because it forms a vital part of the customer journey. Reviews about the delivery or courier service can also give companies useful insight into which delivery or courier services they should partner with.
  • Offensive language. Not everyone shares the same view of what's "offensive language", but we apply our guidelines consistently across our community.
  • Promotional references can be reported. This guideline helps us maintain the quality of reviews on our platform by allowing us to remove marketing, spam or similar.

Misuse of the reporting function

The reporting function is an important feature in our review community. To ensure that we maintain trust and transparency in our platform, we don't allow companies to misuse it. Read more here.

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