Getting started with Trustpilot's APIs

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  • Enterprise
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Connect your systems and applications to Trustpilot using our APIs to automate some processes and get the most out of your Trustpilot solution.

What is an API?

An application programming interface (API) is a software-to-software interface. APIs allow separate software systems to interact without any user intervention or knowledge. Tasks are automated, so you can save time and energy on work processes like sending out review invitation emails to customers.

What can you do with Trustpilot APIs?

With the Trustpilot API, you can:

  • Use webhooks to pull, store, and display reviews on your website or in your marketing campaigns.
  • Integrate service and product review invitations with your own email campaigns.
  • Trigger invitations for service and product reviews.
  • Manage reviews from your own CRM or support system.
  • Generate review invitation links.

What's the correct way to use Trustpilot APIs?

Trustpilot APIs offer a lot of flexibility, provided that business users adhere to our integration guidelines and brand guidelines, and that they display reviews in a meaningful, transparent, and non-misleading way.

Create and manage your applications

Our API documentation provides developers with guidance on how to integrate Trustpilot APIs with your solution.

Create an application

  1. Go to Trustpilot Business > Integrations.
  2. Under Popular apps and integrations > APIs, click the Go to APIs page button.
  3. Enter a name for your application.
  4. Enter the domains you want to use for redirect URIs. Separate multiple domains with a new line.
  5. Select the Create Application button.
  6. Find your new application under Your applications.

Manage your applications

Manage your applications directly from your Trustpilot account. Under Your Applications, select the arrow to expand the application options.

  • Select the toggle button to enable or disable your applications
  • Select the Eye icon to view your API key and API secret
  • Select the Copy/paste icon to copy your API key and API secret to clipboard
  • Select the Remove Application button to delete your application

Note: You should never share the Trustpilot API key or API secret with third parties.

For more information about our APIs, please read our Trustpilot API guide.