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The Shopify Application is one of a series of applications we are building to provide seamless ways for companies to invite their customers to leave a review on Trustpilot. This application framework allows Trustpilot to get all necessary data directly from our customers’ Shopify web store, passing that data to our invitation service.

*This app is designed for companies who use the Shopify eCommerce platform. Not you? Go to our other apps.

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Some Key Things to Know About the App:

  • The App uses Shopify’s webhook events, and asks for the following permissions to be able to send review invitations:
    • Read Products, Variants, and Collections
    • Read Orders, Transactions, and Fulfillments
  • The App triggers a Trustpilot invitation whenever a new order is created in your Shopify webshop
    • New Shopify order created
    • Possible to collect product reviews together with the service review invitation
    • Additional invitation triggers: Order Shipped (Fulfilled)
  • Currently, the App invites new customers and returning customers, depending on your specific invitation settings.
  • We recommend that customers turn off AFS when implementing the Shopify App.

Step-By-Step Instructions for Setting up the Shopify App


If you use an automatic invitation method, disable it when you implement your integration. This ensures that it won't send duplicate invitations.

  1. In your Business Portal, go to Integrations Apps choose Shopify and click Connect now
  2. Enter your shop URL and click Save The shop URL you specify should be the same as the Primary Domain set up in Shopify:
  3. You’ll be prompted to log in to your Shopify account and install the Trustpilot App.


  1. After installation, you will be taken back to the App Setup page inside our Business Portal, where you can configure your preferred invitation settings:
    • Sender Name and Sender Email: The sender information that appears in your customers’ inboxes when they receive the review invitation. (Note: currently the Sender Email will always be the default "noreply.invitations" Trustpilot email).
    • Reply-to Email: The email address you want your customers to use if responding to the invitation. (Reply-to emails can be added and verified via the Invite Your Customers page in the Business Portal.)
    • Trustpilot Website: The Trustpilot landing page your customers will be sent to when writing their review. Trustpilot has separate websites for different locales which will change the language e.g. is the German Trustpilot website.
    • Invitation Trigger: The action in Shopify that will trigger a new Trustpilot review invitation. The triggers we currently support are Order Created and Order Shipped (Fulfilled).
    • Send Delay: The number of days' delay between receiving the trigger and sending a review invitation (maximum is 90 days).
    • Want to include product review invitations? If you are using product reviews, you can select Yes to include a product review invitation.
    • Want to invite past customers? Allows you to invite past customers, from 7 days up to one year (If this option is missing, you already went through the setup once, disconnect the integration and start over).


  1. Select the email template you want to send to your customers. The templates listed here come from your manual review invitations template library. (You can access and edit your manual review invitations templates in the Template Editor in the Business Portal. Find more information here.)

    Preview the email by sending a test email (only for service reviews). Complete the setup by clicking on the Continue button.


  1. Click Yes, send invitations. That’s it! Setup is complete and review invitations are now being sent out for the shop when a new order comes in or when an order ships, depending on configuration. From here you can go to Invitations History or go back to edit the Shopify App's invitation settings.

We don't currently have a sandbox environment available for testing purposes.


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