Who can edit a review?

Once a review has been posted on our platform, the only person who can edit it is the review's author - who is also the owner of the review.

On Trustpilot, reviews are published instantly, without moderation. We consider reviews as user-generated content, which means that the person who wrote the review owns it, and is the only party who can edit or delete it.

This policy is an essential part of Trustpilot’s guidelines and helps us ensure trust and transparency in our online review community.

Only reviewers can edit

If a review is reported by the reviewed business or a member of our community because it violates Trustpilot's User Guidelines (US users, UK users), our Compliance Team will not edit or modify the review.

Instead, if the review can be brought in line with our guidelines, the reviewer will be informed that their review has been reported and for which reason(s), and will be given the opportunity to edit their review.

Reviews that have been reported will not be returned to Trustpilot until the reason(s) for which they have been reported have been addressed. Reported reviews are not visible during this process.


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