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Magento Application - Common error messages and solutions

Are you having some challenges integrating the Magento App? This article provides you with a list of the most common error messages and problems, and how to solve them.

To start with, make sure that Magento is set to WS-I compliance mode. This is standard for Magento, but you never know, it might be disabled on your site. If not that, you can hopefully find your error message or problem below.

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Common error messages and solutions

Access denied/Forbidden

Your Username or API key may be incorrect, so you'll need to try typing it in again.

Wrong XML content type/Zero length response

Your SOAP API documents are incorrectly formatted or empty. Make sure they're not empty and use an XML format with UTF8 encoding.


WSDL compression is either not enabled or simply not running on your API. Make sure it's enabled and running on the correct path.

This may not be an API URL/0 SOAP extension is not loaded/No endpoint listening

SOAP is either not installed or not running on your Magento server. Make sure it is enabled and running.

Magento connection error: Timeout/Magento connection error: undefined

Your server is exceeding Magento's expected response time, so you'll have to take measures to improve this.

Procedure salesOrderList not present

The salesOrderList in Magento is either corrupted or missing. Make sure to put it back in working condition.

Product not exists

This error message will show if the version of Magento you are using has a misspelled product field. You can fix this by updating your Magento system to the latest version.

Common problems and solutions

My product review URLs are returning a 404

Your integration is using both simple and complex products, so you'll have to re-direct the simple product URLs to the complex parent product URL.

I have set up my integration, but invitations aren't being created

If the app can connect but is unable to create invitations, it's most likely missing role permissions. Check that the user created for the app has sufficient access.

Some of my data in Magento is missing or corrupted - How will that affect invitations?

If data is missing or corrupted, Trustpilot will attempt to send out the invitation anyway. If the missing or corrupted data prevents us from sending the invitation, it will be discarded and not show up in Trustpilot Business' Invitation History.

I can't white list Trustpilot in my firewall

Trustpilot's IP addresses often change (they're not static). Thus, for user agent white listing we use: TrustpilotMagentoIntegrationService/1.0 (+https://www.trustpilot.com)



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