Set up the Embedded Review Form

This feature is part of the Connect add-on module.

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When you embed the Trustpilot review form on your business’s website, customers can post reviews directly from your webpage. Here you can check out how to implement it.

What is the Embedded Review Form?

The Embedded Review Form is a version of Trustpilot’s submission form designed to be embedded in the check-out flow on your business’s website.

It's valuable because customers can write a review as part of their checkout, without leaving your website. Here's an example:


Note: The Embedded Review Form is both responsive and mobile compatible, as well as standard and non-configurable.

How to embed the review form on your website

  1. Locate the Trustpilot URL to write a review for your website. For example:
  2. Add embed/ to the URL after evaluate/ and before the website name. For example:
  3. Create an iframe on your website loading this URL.
Note: Use of the Embedded Review Form is restricted, and the implementation does not allow your site and the Trustpilot site to communicate with each other.