Send invitations by uploading a file with customer data (product reviews)

If you want to invite customers to write product reviews manually, you can create a CSV file that contains your customers' information, then import it to your Trustpilot Business account. Here’s how to do it.


● All New (paying and free) customers that sign up on or after Oct 1, 2020 will have 90 days from first use to upload a file with customer data.

Existing paying customers, FileUpload will be limited to 90 days from the effective date of contract renewals on or after Nov 1, 2020.

Existing free customers will have access to FileUpload for 90 days from first use on or after Oct 1, 2020.

  1. From your Trustpilot Business admin page, navigate to Get reviews > Invite Customers.
  2. Under Invite manually, select Upload a file - Service and product reviews.
  3. Click Select file and upload your CSV file. The columns in the CSV file should include the following data in this order:
    • Customer email
    • Customer name
    • Reference number
    • SKU
    • Product name
    • Product URL
    • Image URL

  1. Check your customer data to make sure it's correct, then click Continue.
  2. In the Sender name field, enter your sender information. Then select the Reply-to email address you would like the invitation to be sent from in the drop-down menu. Click Continue.

  1. In Select template, choose the template you would like to use from the Select template for the review invitations drop-down menu. You can also choose the language for your invitation.

  1. In the Send your customers to this website to write their review: drop-down menu, select the local Trustpilot website that you want to send your customers to when they write their review. Click Next.

  1. Review your data. If you're satisfied, click Send Invitations.

Note: By default, customers will be asked to leave a product review right after they've written a service review. You can enable separate product review invitations in the Timing and frequency section of your Invitation Settings.