Product review invitation automation options

When your existing customers are talking about you, your potential customers are listening.

Start collecting reviews today!

Trustpilot offers several ways to automate your product review invitations. You can also choose an option that sends service and product review invitations at the same time.

Whatever you choose, it's best to automate your invitations to make sure you continually receive new reviews.

If you’re not quite ready to automate yet, check out these manual invitation options.

Automatic Feedback Service

Automatic Feedback Service, or AFS, automatically sends email invitations to your customers after they purchase something or have a service experience. With AFS, you'll receive more reviews and get better insight into what your customers think – and you can use those insights to improve customer satisfaction.

Trustpilot integrations

Our integrations allow you to send your customers a single invitation that contains one link to write a service review and one or more product reviews.

Our app framework allows Trustpilot to pull the required data directly from your webshop, then passes that data to our invitation system.

We have integrations for these eCommerce platforms:

Note: You can also send customers two separate product and service review invitation emails.

Trustpilot's APIs

Set up Trustpilot's APIs to let us invite customers on your behalf. For the best results, use our optimized template for product reviews. It contains a link that takes your customers to our service review form and then to our product review form.

Your own communication flow

You can also insert invitation links in your post-sale emails, so the emails come from your domain instead of Trustpilot’s. This setup is a bit more complicated, but the link still takes your customers to the same review form(s).

You've got two options for creating review links.