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Product Reviews - An overview of invitation methods

Want to ask customers to review your products post-sale? Use our features or eCommerce apps to request service and product reviews, or send customers invitations from your own email.

Collect service and product reviews using the Invite Customers feature

Go to your Business Portal and select the Invitations module. Here you can invite your customers to leave product reviews together with a service review, using a single email invitation. Read more about this invitation method here.

Collect service and product reviews with our eCommerce Apps

With Trustpilot’s eCommerce Apps, you can send your customers one invitation containing a link to write a service review and one or more product reviews. The framework of our applications allows Trustpilot to pull the required data directly from your webshop, passing that data to our invitation service. Get all the details in the following articles:

Use Trustpilot's invitation service

You can also choose to let Trustpilot send out your product review invitations. If you select this option, you’ll use our APIs to send out invitations to your customers.

You send your customers invitations using Trustpilot's email template system. In the email, we insert a link that takes your customers to our service review form and then to our product review form.

Use your own customer communication flow

You can insert invitation links in your post-sale emails. This way, the invitation emails are coming from your own domain instead of Trustpilot’s domain, but you'll still lead your customers straight to the review form:

a) Collect a product review using an invitation link

Create a product review invitation link for one or more products with our Create product review invitation link API and include this in your invitation email.

b) Collect a service and product review from one invitation link

Collect a service and product review from one invitation link by using the following APIs: Create product review invitation link and Generate service review invitation link.

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