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How-to Guide: Collect a product review using an invitation link

You can include direct links to product review forms in your company’s customer communication flow. Sending a product review invitation link in a post-sale follow-up email will give customers an opportunity to rate and review the products they’ve purchased.

To generate an invitation link, you will call our ‘Create product review invitation link’ API.

Generate an invitation link using our ‘Create product review invitation link’ API

Through this API, you can create a product review invitation link for one or more products.

Here are the mandatory parameters needed for generating a product review invitation link (for each customer):

  • Email - The email address of the customer
  • Name - The name of the customer
  • Reference number - The customer’s internal reference (typically the reference number)
  • Locale (country) - The Trustpilot country domain. Example: en-US
  • Product-URL - The URL of the specific product on your website
  • Name - The name of the product
  • SKU - The SKU code of the product

You can also provide optional parameters such as:

  • Image-URL - The image-URL of the product. (Highly recommended as it will improve the user experience.)
  • Brand - The brand of the product.

Your API call will return a URL link that you can insert in your invitation email.

When the customer clicks on the link, they will be redirected to our product review form to leave reviews of the product(s) you specified.



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