Style guidelines for Trustpilot’s Marketing assets

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After downloading Trustpilot’s Marketing assets, style them for your business’s communication, marketing, and advertising materials. Follow these guidelines to style assets effectively, while keeping with our brand best practices.

Note: You’ll first need to download our Marketing assets before you can begin styling and using them in your business’s materials.


Use Trustpilot’s logo on anything you like: from bags to boxes, banners to signage, digital ads to web. We recommend a minimum width of 72px for digital applications and 20mm in print.

Primary logo

Our primary logo should be the main logo showcased within your business's materials.


Secondary or mono logos

It’s not always possible to use our primary logo, so we’ve created a simplified version in a single color. Only use our secondary or mono logos if absolutely necessary.


Safe space

We created a safe space around our logo, which is half the width of the star. Please don’t place any other graphic elements, lettering, or images anywhere in the area.


Star ratings

You can use Trustpilot stars on anything you like. Trustpilot stars are available in five different colors, and depict Star ratings from 1-5 stars, including half-stars.


Social media icons

The Trustpilot star can be used on its own, but only as a social media icon. Use it together with your business’s social media channels.


General guidelines

When using any of Trustpilot’s marketing assets, use these general guidelines for easy styling and implementation.

  • Typography. Our wordmark is Helvetica Neue Medium.
  • Color. Our brand color is dark blue #000032.
  • Background. Avoid busy or cluttered backgrounds that make it difficult to see an asset.


Trustpilot’s Marketing assets are designed to be used exactly as they’re pictured. They should not be misinterpreted, altered, modified, or added to in any way.

Note: Read here for more information on styling our Marketing assets.