Why do we ask for reviewer documentation?

In accordance with our guidelines, we may ask for documentation in order to verify that a reviewer has had an experience with the business they've reviewed.

Our Content Integrity Team can ask for documentation if a review is flagged by the reviewed company because they don't believe the reviewer has had a genuine buying or service experience, or if the review is flagged to us because it has unusual features or patterns.

Reviewers who provide us with documents to verify their experiences help us enhance the trustworthiness of our community and resolve questions about reviews.

A community based on trust

Trustpilot is an online review community that everyone can use for free to improve their shopping experiences. Each review tells a story, which is valuable to other consumers and the reviewed business.

To write a review, you must have had a recent, genuine experience with the business—as explained in our Guidelines for Reviewers (see here our US and UK versions). It's not enough that you have an opinion about a business! Read more about who can write a review and when.

Equal rules for all

We're confident that the vast majority of reviewers write about real experiences. However, if companies don't believe that a reviewer has had a genuine experience with them, they can use our Find Reviewer tool to ask the reviewer for further information. If a response isn't received within 3 days, the company can then flag the review to our Content Integrity Team, who will request documentation from the reviewer. All businesses have the right to do this, regardless of whether they subscribe to Trustpilot's paid services or not.

The option to request documentation must not be abused by companies. For example, companies may not systematically request documentation for all of their negative reviews. Such behavior violates our guidelines and we take appropriate action if we see this happening.

Documentation is used for clarification

A company must only flag a review to request documentation where there is doubt that the reviewer has had a genuine experience with them.

Where there is uncertainty, documentation clearly showing that a reviewer has had an experience clarifies the relationship between business and reviewer and helps make Trustpilot more trustworthy.

We respect your privacy

Any documents you provide will not be forwarded to the business and will not be visible to other users. However, if your documentation includes a reference number (order ID, customer ID, or similar) we'll share that reference number with the reviewed company unless you tell us you don't want it shared.

Can't find your receipt?

We know that not everyone keeps their receipts. That's why you can also use an order confirmation, invoice, delivery note, forwarded email or a screenshot of a conversation between you and the reviewed business to show you've had a buying or service experience. See what we look for here.

If you can't provide any documentation, unfortunately we won't be able to verify your experience and your review may be moved offline, but not deleted. If you do find documents at a later date, you can always send them to us and if they verify your experience we'll do our best to bring your review online again.

If you have any questions, you're welcome to contact us.