Manage your service reviews

Your service reviews tell the story of your customers' experience with your business and help promote your good reputation. The service reviews page allows you to manage them all from one place. 

From the service reviews page, you’ll find a number of tools that allow you to reply, tag, filter, share, and more. 

To find the service reviews page, go to Trustpilot Business > Manage reviews > Service reviews > Inbox

If your business hasn’t received service reviews yet, this page displays information about how to invite customers to write them, and examples of what they look like.

Awaiting reply overview

On the left of the page, you’ll see an overview of all your reviews from the last 28 days that are awaiting your reply. They’ll be broken down by star rating, and you can click through to view and reply to the reviews. 

Example showing where you will find Awaiting reply overview

Reply to reviews

Replying to your reviews is simple from the service reviews page. Each review has a section below it, with all your reply information. If you haven’t replied to the review, there will be a text box where you can write and post your reply. For reviews that you have replied to, you’ll see the options to edit or delete your reply by clicking Replied. You can quickly find which reviews need a reply using the awaiting reply overview, but for reviews older than 28 days, use the filters.

Sample review showing where to reply

To read more about replying to reviews, check out this article.

Filter service reviews

Service reviews are displayed chronologically, but you can use the filters to sort them in a different way or search for reviews that fit the applied criteria.

    1. In Trustpilot Business, go to Manage reviews > Service reviews > Inbox

    2. Search for a specific review in the search bar, or select a filter for Star rating, Reply, Date, Location, Flag, Request Information, Tags, or Source.

    3. Choose your filter(s), then click Apply in its drop-down menu. You can apply multiple filters at once.
    4. To clear an applied filter, select it and click Clear in its drop-down menu. To clear all applied filters, click Clear all.

Tag and share reviews

This feature is included in the Advanced and Enterprise plans.

This feature is part of the Convert add-on module, the Enhance add-on module, the Growth plan, and the Scale plan.

Tag reviews

You can quickly add tags to your reviews from the service review page. Within each review, you’ll see an + Add tag button. You’ll only be able to use tags that you’ve previously added within the Tags page of your settings.

Sample review highlighting the +Add tag button

To read more about tagging reviews, check out this article.

Share reviews

Our sharing function makes it easy to create and style images displaying your business’s reviews or star ratings, which you can post to your social media or download for your marketing materials.

To read more about sharing your reviews, check out this article.

Export service reviews

This feature is included in the Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

This feature is part of the Enhance add-on module, the Growth plan, and the Scale plan.

You can easily export your service reviews as a CSV file to easily access them outside Trustpilot Business. You can export all your reviews at once, or with filters applied. 

    1. In Trustpilot Business, go to Manage reviews > Service reviews > Inbox. Click Export in the top right-hand corner.
    2. In the dialog box, select a Date range. To customize one, click Custom > Date, add a Custom range, then click Apply.
    3. Click Download .csv.

It's against our guidelines to export Trustpilot reviews to be displayed on other platforms.

Find reviewer information

Want more information about a reviewer? By clicking their username, you’ll be taken to their profile page on Trustpilot, where you’ll be able to see their location and all the reviews they've written. You’ll also be able to see their email address if you invited them to write a review. To contact the reviewer directly and request more specific information, you’ll need to request information from them.

Find a reference number

A reference number identifies customers by their transaction with your business. If you ask them to provide one, you’ll see it within their review.

Sample review highlighting reference number

Find a review source or label

The review source and label indicate where a review came from and which method was used to collect it. Review labels are shown publicly with a review on your business profile page, while sources are only shown to businesses and can be found within a review on the service reviews page.

If you’d like to flag a review, please read this article to learn more about the process and how it’s done. This article shows you how you can view an overview of all your flagging activity.

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