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Zapier FAQ

How does Zapier work?

The first step in using Zapier is to set up a Zap. A Zap is a blueprint for a task you want to perform over and over. It looks like this: When I get a new thing in A, do this other thing in B. The first part (A) is the trigger and the second part (B) is the action. For example: When I get a new order in Shopify, create a new review invitation in Trustpilot.

The configuration options allow you to determine which information the trigger app sends to the action app. You can use static text and custom fields in addition to selections from the drop-down menus.

Zapier will walk you through the easy steps to set up the connection and determine which fields you send from the app into Trustpilot. You can be up and running with Zaps in no time.

Once the Zap is created, Zapier takes care of the rest. It regularly checks the trigger app for new data. When the Zap triggers, Zapier automatically performs the action for you. For example, if you get five new orders in Shopify, Zapier will take each one and make a new review invitation for each in Trustpilot, customized to how you set up the Zap.

After setting up a Zap once, data flows from one app to the other without any further effort from you. You can monitor all activity in your Zapier dashboard, manage your connected accounts, and turn Zaps on and off anytime you want. Read more about how Zapier works here.

What can you use it for?

Currently Trustpilot can only be added as an action, meaning the primary action is for you to invite your customers to write a review when a specific trigger occurs in another web app you are using. Read more about Trustpilot capabilities on Zapier’s site.

The major benefit of Zapier is that it offers a high degree of flexibility when sending review invitations.

  • Segmentation of Invitation Emails: Segmenting by time zone, country, and/or language allows you to make your invitation emails more personal - and therefore more relevant. If someone receives an invitation email in their native language at a peak time in their respective city, they may be more likely to write a review.

Is there a risk of spamming my customers with Reminder Zaps?

No, there is no risk of spamming your customers. For example, say an invitation email is sent to 25 recent customers and 5 of them sign up to write a review. A reminder email sent through Zapier can be sent 3 weeks later to the same list of 25 customers, but the email will only be sent to the 20 customers who have not yet written a review. Our system looks at every email sent and detects users who have already written a review with a given email. If a user has already written a review for a given business unit, they will never receive another invitation email from us for that business unit.

Can you give me an example of a Zap?

An example of a Zap is Add New Order Customer Information to Trustpilot Review Invitation List. With this Zap, every time you receive a new order in Shopify, Zapier will add the customer information to the review invitation recipient list. Then, if you want to add that same customer information to an additional, more segmented review invitation email list, you would set up a second Zap.

What are Tasks?

A task is counted each time your Zap performs its action. For example, each new review invitation counts as one task. You'll use one task for each invitation email that's sent. (The number of tasks per month you can use is determined by your Zapier account plan. More information on plans is available here.)

How do I start my free Zapier trial?

If you sign up for Zapier through Trustpilot’s apps site, you will get a 3-month free trial, providing you access to unlimited Zaps and tasks during that time period.

When your trial expires, any Zaps you have running in excess of 5 (the free tier limit) will pause, and the task limit will be set to 100 per month. Any Zaps using premium apps will also pause. Zapier will send you an email and display an in-application message explaining your status.

How to Start your Free Trial:

  1. Go to Zapier on Trustpilot Apps
  2. Click on Use this Zap
  3. Sign up for Zapier or login to your existing account
  4. Click on Make this Zap (Note: you can always cancel this)
  5. Connect with your account, e.g. Shopify
  6. Install Zapier
  7. Trigger a test to validate your Zapier app connection

Visit www.zapier.com and sign up for a free trial.



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