Reference number verification

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In special circumstances, businesses can ask to turn on reference number verification to make sure their reviews are written by genuine reviewers.

Note: Reference number verification, which is used in cases of abuse, is different to our reference number function. The latter can be turned on and used by companies to help match reviewers with their experiences.

What's it for?

Trustpilot is an online review community that facilitates open conversations. We want to collect as many genuine reviews about buying or service experiences as possible. And we're happy to see that the majority of our reviewers share our good intentions towards helping others.

However, on rare occasions, businesses experience serious abuse on their company profiles. In these cases, they can apply to use Trustpilot's reference number verification tool.

This feature requires reviewers to input a valid reference number before they can write a review about the company. In our experience, this helps ensure that reviewers are genuine customers.

How can I turn it on?

If your company has experienced serious abuse and you want to activate reference number verification, please contact our Content Integrity at and send us documentation of the abuse. We'll use it to make an assessment as to whether access to the tool is warranted or not.

If your company is granted use of the reference number verification tool, please note that our Content Integrity Team will assess on an ongoing basis whether there remains a need for it. If we determine that there is no longer a need for it, we'll let you know about our intention to turn it off.

Our Company Guidelines (US version, UK version) set out the basic requirements for using reference number verification.