Product reviews – FAQ

When your existing customers are talking about you, your potential customers are listening.

Start collecting reviews today!

Complement your service reviews with product reviews and help your customers make decisions about which products to buy.

Implement Trustpilot's Product Reviews directly on your product web page to give customers the opportunity to review and rate the products they've purchased. Product Reviews help new customers make informed buying decisions, while giving you valuable product insights.

Can anyone write a product review?

For now, customers can only write product reviews if you send them an invitation.

Invite customers to write a product review

How do I invite customers to leave a product review?

These are a few ways to invite customers to leave a product review. Invite customers from your Business Portal, create a custom integration by using our APIs, use AFS, or use one of our eCommerce integration applications.

Invitation method Description
Manual invitations In Trustpilot Business, follow the instructions to send your invitations manually.
Automatic Feedback Service Set up AFS to invite your customers automatically
eCommerce integrations Connect Trustpilot directly with your eCommerce platform to trigger customer invitations automatically
API Send API-links to your customers via an email tool, for example, MailChimp. You can also invite customers using Trustpilot’s invitation tool - customers are asked to write a service review and then redirected to a product review request form.

Can I control when my product review invitations are sent?

Yes. If you use our APIs or Automatic Feedback Service, you can schedule both the date and the time that the product review invitation should be sent out.

Display product reviews

Should I show product reviews on my website?

We don't show product reviews on, so we recommend that you display them on your website. To implement product reviews on your website, use either a product-enabled TrustBox or Trustpilot APIs.

How do I share product reviews on my website?

Share your product reviews on your website by integrating one or more of our product-geared TrustBoxes, or integrate reviews directly from our APIs.

For SEO purposes, we recommend using our Product Reviews SEO TrustBox.

Can I share my product reviews on social media?

Yes. Share your reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

In Trustpilot Business > Reviews > Product Reviews, find the review that you want to share. Click the Share button, then select the channel where you want to share the review.

Can I import non-Trustpilot product reviews to Trustpilot?

Yes, you can import your non-Trustpilot product reviews to Trustpilot.

How can I integrate both my Trustpilot and non-Trustpilot product reviews?

You can use the Product Reviews MultiSource TrustBox to easily import and showcase all reviews for a given product.

Do product reviews have SEO benefits?

Product reviews are not published on, so to gain SEO benefits from your product reviews, display them on your website with our Product Review TrustBoxes.

Example of a product review with Rich Snippets in Google:

Are Product Reviews available in all languages?

Yes. Product Reviews are available in all of the languages that Trustpilot supports.

What does the Product Review form look like?

Here's an example of what the Product Review form looks like:

Where can I read my product reviews?

Find your product reviews on the Product Reviews page in the Trustpilot Business application.

Can I export my product reviews?

Yes. Go to Trustpilot Business > Reviews > Product Reviews and search for the specific product. Click the Download CSV file button to export the product data. Any active filters or searches that you've performed on the page are also applied to the contents of the CSV file.

You can also use Trustpilot's API to copy your product review data, but help from a developer is required.