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Product Reviews Introduction and FAQ

Complement your service reviews with product reviews, and help your customers decide what products to buy. Implement Trustpilot's Product Reviews directly on your product webpage, and give customers the opportunity to review and rate the products they've purchased. Product Reviews will help new customers make informed buying decisions while giving you valuable product insights.

See this video to learn more about how the Product Reviews tool works.

Is Product Reviews available in all languages?

Yes, Product Reviews is available in the languages that Trustpilot supports.

How is my overall score displayed for my product reviews?

Your overall score for your product reviews is displayed with a star rating from 1-5 stars. There is no TrustScore (number) or star label (text) displayed.

How is my star rating calculated?

Your star rating is an average of all the reviews for the specific product.

How do I invite customers to leave a product review?

There are three ways to invite customers to leave a product review: Invite customers through your Business Portal, create a custom integration by using our APIs, or use one of our Apps.

  • Business Portal: Follow the on-screen instructions or read more here.
  • Apps: Connect Trustpilot directly with your eCommerce system to trigger customer invitations automatically. Examples: Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart or WooCommerce.
  • API:
    • Send API-links to your customers via an email tool, e.g. MailChimp.
    • Send out invitations via Trustpilot’s invitation tool. The customer is asked to write a service review and is then redirected to a product review request form.

When I want a customer to review my product, what information is needed and how do I send it to Trustpilot?

Trustpilot needs the following product information to send a product review invitation:

  • Product number (SKU)
  • A link to the product on your website
  • A link to an image of the product (optional, but recommended)
  • Product name
  • The customer’s name
  • The customer’s email address

You will automatically pass on this information to Trustpilot if you use our APIs or Apps.

Can I set the time for when I want my product review invitations to be sent out?

Yes, the settings for product reviews do allow you to choose a sending time. If you use APIs, you can select a specific time, and with Apps, you’ll get even more options to choose from.

Is it possible to import non-Trustpilot product reviews to Trustpilot?

Yes, you can import your non-Trustpilot product reviews to Trustpilot. Get all the details here.

Can I reply to a product review?

Yes, you can reply to product reviews from the Product Reviews page in your Business Portal.

Will my replies be shown in a Product Reviews TrustBox?

It is not currently possible to show your replies to reviewers in Product Reviews TrustBoxes. If you want to display replies on your website, we recommend building a custom widget using Trustpilot’s APIs.

Can consumers reply to me?

Yes, if you initiate a conversation. Simply reply to the consumer's product review and they can then write a reply. The entire conversation is visible in your Trustpilot Business Portal under the section Product Reviews.

How do I share product reviews on my website?

You can share your product reviews by integrating one or more of our product-geared TrustBoxes, or integrating reviews from our APIs. For SEO, we highly recommend using our Product Reviews SEO TrustBox, which is easy to implement. Alternatively, you can use our APIs directly.

Can I share my product reviews on social media?

Yes, you can share your reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Click on the social media icons and follow the onscreen instructions.

How do the Product TrustBoxes differ with regards to implementation and flexibility?


Level of implementation difficulty

Flexibility of the design

TrustBoxes with and without SEO Easy Limited flexibility
Custom integrations using APIs Difficult Maximum flexibility

Can anyone write a product review?

At the moment, customers can only write product reviews if you send them an invitation.

Should all my product reviews be shown on my website?

All product reviews must be shown on your website. The only exception is if a review is not compliant with Trustpilot’s guidelines. You are responsible for implementing the product reviews on your website either using a product-geared TrustBox or Trustpilot APIs.

Besides my website, where else will my product reviews be shown?

We feed all product reviews to Google Shopping, so your product reviews may be used by Google to show star ratings for the products you sell.

How can I be sure that my product reviews aren’t fake?

Product reviews are currently invite-only, meaning you control who gets your invitations.

Where do I see my product reviews as they roll in?

See your product reviews on the Product Reviews page in your Trustpilot Business portal.

Can I filter my reviews by product?

Yes, you can filter reviews based on product number/SKU, stars, reply status, review status and date range. Learn more about Product Reviews.

Can I export my product reviews?

Yes. Go to Trustpilot Business > Product Reviews and search for the specific product. Select Download CSV file to export the product data. Note that you also have the option of using Trustpilot's API to copy your product review data. However, this option requires help from a developer.

How can I integrate both my Trustpilot and non-Trustpilot product reviews?

You can use the Product Reviews MultiSource TrustBox to easily import and showcase all reviews for a given product. In addition, if you want to gain SEO benefits, you can use our Product Reviews MultiSource SEO TrustBox.

Can I mark up my category pages with the aggregate rating of my products?

No. Product reviews are for product pages only, they cannot be used on category pages. For more information, please refer to Google’s guidelines.

What are Shopping Ads and where are they available?

Shopping ads with ratings are available in several countries. To see a full list, click here. Star ratings in Shopping Ads will only be available if you share all your product reviews with Google. To benefit from stars in Shopping Ads, you must have a Google AdWords account, a Google Merchant Center account, and you must feed all your products directly to Google Shopping. This is a separate product feed than Trustpilot’s feed to Google Shopping.

Why aren’t my product reviews getting listed in Google Shopping?

Here are three common reasons why this might happen:

  1. You have not applied to get your star rating in Google Shopping Ads. Read Google’s Products Feed Specification to learn how to get a feed of your products to Google.
  2. You have not met Google’s minimum requirements. To be listed in Google Shopping, your company must have a minimum of 50 product reviews in your feed. For one of your products to show up in Google Shopping, it needs at least three reviews, one of which being from a customer that you invited.
  3. The SKUs and/or product URLs you’ve sent to Google are different than the ones you’ve sent to Trustpilot.

How long does it take for product reviews to appear on Google Shopping after submitting the Product Reviews Feed?

Overall, it takes approximately 5-6 weeks for Google to complete the process and put product reviews live on Google Shopping. The process is split into 1-2 weeks for onboarding and 3-4 weeks for the matching process. Trustpilot submits a new batch of product reviews to Google daily. There may be cases where it takes longer than expected. This delay happens due to issues in Google's feed processing.

Is it possible to get SEO benefits from product reviews?

  • Higher Click Through Rate leading to more traffic in Google search results can be achieved with product review data, as the data is regarded as relevant, unique and updated. In order for Google to crawl the product review data, you can take one of the following approaches
    • Product Reviews SEO TrustBoxes: This is a client-side implementation to display product reviews. They are as easy to implement as our other TrustBoxes.
    • We have a server-side implementation of SEO TrustBoxes, where we provide you with the markup to make it SEO friendly.
    • If the TrustBoxes do not meet your design requirements, you are free to use our APIs and include schema.org/products markup to make it SEO friendly.
  • Your star rating in Google search results will be visible if you include product review content on your website formatted as rich snippet data. When crawling, Google will automatically recognize the content and show star ratings in search results. To read more about rich snippets, go to schema.org.

If you've done everything on this list and your product reviews still aren’t getting listed, you might not be meeting Google’s requirements.



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