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Step 3: Retention - Increase Customer Loyalty


Step 3: Increase Customer Loyalty

At this point in your Trustpilot journey, you will have begun to collect a good number of reviews. And these reviews should be displayed on your website thanks to our TrustBox widgets. This will encourage new customers to purchase from your website.

Along with acquiring new customers, we offer you the tools to retain your most recent customers. You can automate your review collection to increase your number of reviews and improve your customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Set up the Automatic Feedback Service

The Automatic Feedback service allows you to collect reviews after each purchase your customers make. This way you will always have an influx of new reviews, which demonstrates your demand and trustworthiness to your customers.

You can set up the Automatic Feedback Service by simply linking Trustpilot with your webshop or email platform. This setup sends us a copy of the email that goes out to a new customer (e.g. order confirmation, invoice, welcome email) and we will automatically generate a review invitation.

For more information on how to set up the Automatic Feedback Service, please refer to this article.

Trustpilot Apps

Alternative to using the normal Automatic Feedback Service, Trustpilot also offer a wide range of apps which provides seamless ways for you to invite your customers to leave reviews on Trustpilot.

Please go to our Apps section for more information

The Trustpilot API

Optional feature - Please note that this feature requires technical skills.

An API is a software to software interface, that allows you to integrate Trustpilot with your existing CRM. Using the API, you will be able to use Trustpilot’s Invitation Engine or your own email tool, without using Trustpilot’s user interface.

For more information, click here.

Note: You may have to upgrade your plan to access this feature

Manage your Customer Reviews

Be Notified

The faster you reply to your customer reviews, the more appreciated your customers will feel. A valued customer is more likely to return and shop with you in the future.

Your review notifications can be set up in your business account. Simply click on the settings wheel icon at the top-right hand corner of the page and select Notifications. For more information please read our How to Guide

Reply to your customer reviews

Use your Trustpilot account to read and respond to customer reviews. Your feedback openly demonstrates your commitment to customer service. This will reassure your customers and encourage them to shop with your company again.

You can reply to your customer’s reviews from the reviews page in your Business account. Simply click on the reply button under the review, write your response and then save. The reviewer will then be notified by email.

Reporting Reviews

Should you come across a review that you believe contravenes the Trustpilot User Guidelines, you can report the review from your business account and our dedicated Compliance team will investigate.


Negative review?
Research shows that customers trust reviews more when they see both negative and positive feedback. If you do get a negative review, try to see it as valuable feedback and a good way to help you improve your customer service. Always reply politely and comprehensively, offering a solution if possible. This will be highly appreciated by your customer and other potential customers will be assured of your good customer service.


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