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Step 2: Acquisition - Acquire New Customers


Step 2: Acquisition - Acquire New Customers

Get discovered online and watch your reviews and ratings convert prospects into paying customers. Once you start collecting reviews, you will be able to display your Trustscore on your website thanks to our customized TrustBoxes.

Implement a TrustBox!

TrustBoxes are Trustpilot’s widgets; they are applications that can be embedded into your website to show your most recent reviews, TrustScore and star rating. They will increase trust and confidence in your company, drive better cart conversion and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

TrustBoxes are updated regularly so you and your customers have access to real time information and reviews.

TrustBoxes are easy to implement and you can even design your own TrustBox to suit your website.

There are a variety of TrustBoxes to choose from. For more information on how to implement a TrustBox, please visit our TrustBox section.

  • We generally recommend that you place the Trustbox on your front page or landing page, however we have also seen great results by additionally adding a Trustbox at the “Check out” page – this way you can reduce or even prevent cart abandonment
  • To decrease cart abandonment try to ensure a TrustBox is always visible throughout the purchase journey
  • Individual reviews can be tagged in order to be displayed in a Trustbox - find out more about review tagging in this article


Your TrustScore is the number between 0 and 10 that is displayed on your Trustpilot profile, which provides potential customers with an instant measure of your customer satisfaction.

The TrustScore is an independent score that represents the online shopping experiences of consumers worldwide, on a point scale of 0-10 and 1 to 5 stars.

The TrustScore is solely based on reviews and ratings assigned by individual and independent consumers. For more details please read our TrustScore article.

Tip: Consistently collecting reviews has a large impact upon your TrustScore, whilst showing your customers that you are a brand that can be trusted.


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