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TrustBox Library

TrustBoxes are Trustpilot's widgets. Embed these stand-alone applications in your website to show your most recent reviews, TrustScore, and star ratings. Each TrustBox comes with features and configuration options that are found on the Integrations page.

For websites built using an eCommerce platform or CMS, please see the instructions at the end of this article.

TrustBox Configuration

1. Choose your reviews

Each TrustBox may be configured differently. You can show your favorite reviews in one TrustBox, your latest reviews in another, and even create several Targeted TrustBoxes. TrustBoxes are updated with new reviews every 20 minutes.

Here are 4 options:

  • Your latest reviews displays your most recent reviews in reverse chronological order (newest first).
  • Your reviews by star rating displays the star ratings you select (e.g. 3 stars, 4 stars and 5 stars) in reverse chronological order.
  • Select your favorites allows you to manually select and display your favorite reviews. It isn’t possible to select different “favorites” for different TrustBoxes. Read Select Reviews for TrustBox about manual selection.
  • Target your reviews allows you to customize your TrustBox for a specific target audience by tagging your reviews. Select one tag per TrustBox to create customized TrustBoxes for several audiences. You may even specify what stars you’d like displayed in your Targeted TrustBox. For example, you could choose to display reviews that are tagged “customer service” with only 5 star ratings. Read Targeted TrustBox and Tagging and pre-tagging service reviews for more details.

Please consider that filtering reviews may mislead consumers about your company's reputation. We recommend displaying all reviews. Showing consumers negative reviews confirms that you are a transparent company that values honest feedback. Learn more about how negative reviews can turn into positive customer experiences.

2. Configure your TrustBox

Configure your TrustBox to fit your website design. TrustBoxes are transparent and borderless. Decide on a light or dark version, select a suitable width and height, and remember to choose the correct language. Read configuration suggestions to learn more about TrustBox responsive design.

3. Implement your TrustBox

Follow the instructions provided in How to Implement a TrustBox. Assistance from your webmaster may be required.

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