Trustpilot's Zapier integration

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Zapier connects web apps by moving data and automating tasks between apps with ease. Learn how to connect Trustpilot with Zapier, and use the tools you love to trigger review invitations.

How does Zapier work?

Start by choosing your Zaps. Zaps are the workflows or tasks that you want your apps to perform together. Then figure out what events/actions will trigger your zaps. Once you have the zaps and triggers in place, your apps will perform the desired actions automatically.

How does Zapier work with Trustpilot?

Our Zapier integration makes it possible for events in your other apps to trigger Trustpilot review invitation emails. Here are some possible examples:


Connect Trustpilot and Zapier

  1. From your Trustpilot Business account, navigate to Integrations > Developers > Zapier.
  2. Browse the list of Zap connections. Select the one you want to use by clicking Use this Zap. If the app you’d like to use is not included here, you can check out Zapier's app directory for more options.
  3. Login to your Zapier account. Zapier will take you through the rest of the steps.

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