How to report product reviews

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If a product review doesn’t meet our guidelines, you can report it using your Trustpilot business account.

Before reporting a review

Have you tried replying to the reviewer? We believe talking to your customers directly leads to better customer satisfaction. That’s why we always encourage you to contact the author of the review directly instead of going through our Content Integrity Team.

Note that a review can only be reported once unless it’s updated by the reviewer. So if a review breaches our User Guidelines (US, UK) for multiple reasons, make sure you select all applicable reasons and provide detailed information about each of them.

For which reasons can I report a product review?

There’s a problem with part(s) of the review

  • The review contains offensive language that is accusatory, defamatory, violent, coarse, sexist or racist
  • The review contains personal information that could be used to track, identify, contact or impersonate someone
  • The review includes promotional references
  • The review violates someone else’s intellectual property, privacy/confidentiality, or personality rights.

There’s a problem with the review as a whole

  • The review is marketing or spam
  • The review is solely ethical, political or value-laden opinion, and doesn’t mention the product

There’s a problem with the reviewer

  • The reviewer is the manufacturer of a competing product

How to report a product review

  1. Head to Trustpilot Business > Reviews > Product reviews. Find the review you want to report and below that review, select Report.
  2. A window will appear explaining the reporting steps. Select Continue to create a report.
  3. A window will appear with different reporting options. Select whether you want to report parts of the review, the whole review, or the eligibility of the reviewer to write a review. Click on the drop-down arrow to open each of these sections and see the different reporting options.
  4. Check the box(es) for the relevant reporting reason(s). You may be asked to provide specific details explaining why the review violates our User Guidelines. Select Continue when you’re done.
  5. A report summary will show the reasons you’ve selected to report the review. You can select Back if you need to change your reasons, or you can remove a reason by clicking the cross in the upper right-hand corner of each blue box. When you’re sure everything is correct, tick the box indicating that you have selected all relevant violations, and select Continue to submit your report.
  6. While we assess your report, the review is temporarily taken offline from any APIs and TrustBoxes.

What happens next?

We assess the report

Our Content Integrity Team will assess each reported review to see if it breaches our guidelines for the reason(s) it was reported. If it does and the problem(s) identified can be addressed, we’ll ask the reviewer to edit their review. Once the review adheres to our guidelines, it’ll be reinstated online.

If a reported review does not breach our guidelines for the reason(s) it was reported, we’ll invalidate the report and the review will be reinstated online.

Please be patient

We work hard to handle reported reviews as quickly as possible, so please be patient. If we need to contact the reviewer, we normally allow 7 days for them to respond. Sometimes back and forth may occur between the reviewer and our Content Integrity Team, which makes the process longer.

See the status of reported reviews

You can track the status of your report in Trustpilot Business > Reviews > Product reviews. Find the review you’ve reported and select Show more in the upper-right corner. We’ll also notify you about the outcome of the report.