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How-to Guide: Magento Application

Note: We only support Magento CE 1.8.x to 1.9.x, Magento EE is NOT supported.

The Magento App provides a seamless way for you to invite your customers to leave a review on Trustpilot. This simple solution allows us to get all necessary data from your Magento web store in order to trigger review invitations to your customers.

Some Key Things to Know About the App:

  • Triggers a review invitation for each new order created OR for each order shipped in your Magento web store.
  • Configurable to invite new, returning, and past customers.
  • Uses Magento SOAP API.
Note: Magento has many configuration options. This offers a great deal of flexibility for shop owners, but it also makes the system more prone to incompatibility issues with third party integrations. If you experience problems installing Trustpilot's Magento integration, feel free to contact our Support Team for help. Note that we also offer other invitation services and a wide range of APIs.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Setting Up the Magento App


  1. Go to your Business Portal, click on Integrations > Go to Apps page, choose Magento and click Connect now
  2. In Magento, set up a new Admin Role and a new User with that Role. Full instructions are listed on the Connect page in the Business Portal.
    • A. Log into Magento as Admin User
    • B.1 Navigate to System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC - Roles
    • B.2 Click Add New Role
    • B.3 Enter Role Name
    • B.4 Set Role Resources
      Minimum Required Resources:
      • Core\Store\List of stores
      • Catalog\Product\Retrieve products data
      • Catalog\Product\Product Images
      • Sales\Order\Retrieve orders info
      • Order shipments > Retrieve shipment info
      • Order shipments > Tracking
      • Order shipments > Comments
      • Order shipments > Create
      Example: Core > Store > List of stores:
    • B.5 Click Save Role
    • C.1 Navigate to System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC - Users
    • C.2 Click Add New User
    • C.3 Enter User Account Information. API Key is user-created value.
    • C.4 Choose Admin for User Role
    • C.5 Click Save User
  3. Enter your Magento username, API Key (that you created in step C.3 above), and webshop URLs, and click Save. Note: It is recommended to use https protocol for the domain URL. If http is used, your username and password will be transferred over a non-secured connection. When you click Save, we will try to validate that connection.

After clicking Connect, if multiple stores are detected, you will be given an option to select all my stores or selected stores to send invitations from:

Depending on your Magento MultiStore setup, you can choose to collect reviews for one or more stores separately. If you want to send invitations for a whole Website you should select ALL Stores (Store Groups) created under that Website.

Read more about how to connect multiple Magento stores.


  1. Set up your invitation information:
    • Sender Name and Sender Email: The sender information that appears in your customers’ inboxes when they receive the review invitation (note: currently the Sender Email will always be the default "noreply.invitations" Trustpilot email).
    • Reply-to Email: The email address you want your customers to use if responding to the invitation. (Reply-to emails can be added and verified via the Invite Your Customers page in the Business Portal.)
    • Trustpilot Website: The Trustpilot landing page your customers will be sent to when writing their review. Trustpilot has separate websites for different locales which will change the language e.g. de.trustpilot.com is the German Trustpilot website.
    • Invitation Trigger: The action in Magento that will trigger a new Trustpilot review invitation. The triggers we currently support are Order Created and Order Shipped (Fulfilled).
    • Send Delay: The number of days' delay between receiving the trigger and sending a review invitation (maximum is 90 days).
    • Want to include product review invitations? If you are using product reviews, you can select Yes to include a product review invitation.
    • Want to invite past customers? Allows you to invite past customers, from 7 days up to one year (If this option is missing, it's likely because you already went through the setup once. Disconnect the integration and start over to get this option).


  1. Choose the template you want to send to customers. Listed templates come from your manual review invitations template library. You can access and edit your manual review invitations templates in the Template Editor in the Business Portal. Find more information here.

    Preview the email by sending a test email (only for service reviews). Complete the setup by clicking on the Continue button.


  1. Once connected and set up, you will see a confirmation screen, confirming that invitations are being sent for incoming orders in Magento. From here, you can view your Invitations History or edit your Magento App Invitation Settings.


PHP Libraries

If you don't have it already, you will need the PHP SOAP libraries installed on your server.


If you want to switch from AFS to the Magento App, we recommend that you turn off AFS when implementing the Magento App to avoid duplicate invitations being sent which can lead to difficulties in collecting product reviews.


Go to our Magento Troubleshooting FAQ

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