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How-to Guide: Trustpilot’s Magento Application

The Magento App provides a seamless way for you to invite customers to leave reviews on Trustpilot. Learn how to set up the app so you can easily collect loads of reviews.

Once integrated, Trustpilot can pull data from your Magento webshop. That makes it possible to automatically send review requests to customers after they've made an order from your shop.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • We only support Magento CE 1.8.x to 1.9.x
  • Magento EE is not supported
  • SOAP must be installed and working with WS-I enabled on your Magento webshop
  • Trustpilot's Automatic Feedback Service must be turned off
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How to set up the Magento App

Tip! If you experience problems implementing the Magento App, read our Troubleshooting article.


  • Go to Trustpilot Business, click on Integrations, find the Apps section, and under Magento, click on Connect now
  • In Magento, set up a new Admin Role and a new User with that Role.
  • Log in to Magento as an admin user
  • Go into System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC Roles
  • Click Add New Role
  • Type in "Admin" as your Role Name
  • Click Role Resources
  • Set Resource Access to "All"
  • Click Save Role
  • Go into System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC Users
  • Choose Add New User
  • Type in your User Name, First Name, Last Name, and Email
  • Type in a new API key (must contain 6 or more characters)
  • Type in the same API key in the API Key Confirmation
  • Choose User Role on the left side
  • Select the Admin Role
  • Select Save User
  • Enter your Magento User Name, the API Key you created above, your webshop URL, and then click Connect me.

We recommend using https protocol for the domain URL. If http is used, your Magento User Name and API key will be sent over a non-secure connection.

After clicking Connect me, you'll be asked to select all my stores or selected stores.

How to find your Website ID and Store ID/Store Group ID when connecting multiple stores
In your Magento Admin panel, navigate to System > Manage Stores and hover over the hyperlinked website/store names listed under Website Name and Store Name. IDs will appear as pop-up texts.

The pop-up texts should appear when you hover the mouse over a specific store. If not, you can click on the specific store and then look in the address bar where there will be a parameter group_id. This is your Store ID.


Set up your invitation information:

  • Sender Name and Sender Email: The sender information that appears in your customers’ inboxes when they receive your review request. Note: Currently, the Sender Email is by default the "noreply.invitations" Trustpilot email address.
  • Reply-to Email: The email address you want your customers to use if they respond to your email. (Reply-to emails can be added and verified via Trustpilot Business' Invite Your Customers.)
  • Trustpilot Website: This is the Trustpilot landing page your customers will be sent to when writing their review. Trustpilot has separate websites for locales, e.g., de.trustpilot.com is the Trustpilot website for Germany.

Email Template

Choose the email template you'd like to send customers when requesting a review. You can access and edit your templates in the Template Editor in Trustpilot Business. Find more information here.

You can preview the email by sending a test email to yourself (Note: Only available for service reviews). Complete the setup by clicking on Continue.


Once connected and set up, you will see a confirmation screen. This indicates that incoming orders in Magento will trigger emails to customers. You can follow the progress of your email invitations in Invitation History.

Can I whitelist Trustpilot’s IP address with my eCommerce system?

We don’t have an IP address but you can use our user agent: TrustpilotMagentoIntegrationService/1.0 (+https://www.trustpilot.com)



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