SEO Benefits of Product Reviews

This feature is part of the Product Reviews add-on module.

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Gain SEO benefits by embedding widgets with product review content on your website. You can use a client-side TrustBox or a server-side TrustBox (API integration required).

Consumers are likely to search for your products using the keywords used in reviews. So by enabling search engines to index your product review content, you'll help potential customers find your product pages.

Rich snippets and annotations

Our client-side SEO TrustBoxes include the JSON-LD that allows Rich Snippets in Google and annotations in Bing. Trustpilot’s Rich Snippet Stars have proven to increase click-through rates by up to 35%.

Product Ratings on Google Shopping and in Google Shopping Ads

The product review content you collect with Trustpilot is fed to Google Shopping. Keep in mind that non-Trustpilot review content is not pushed to Google Shopping because we cannot validate whether the reviews were collected in accordance with Google's guidelines.

If you buy Shopping Ads, this offers the benefit of Product Ratings displayed below the product in Google Shopping, and in some cases, below the product in the main Google search results. You can add additional information like GTIN and MPN in the product feed, by getting in touch with our Support Team.

What about product reviews collected outside of Trustpilot?

If you collected product reviews before, you can easily import the reviews to Trustpilot with our MultiSource TrustBox, and we'll display the content in our TrustBoxes. Note that your Customer Success Manager will perform the import, and it is a one-time operation.

Custom integrations using APIs

Want to do more with your product review content? You can create custom integrations with our Product Reviews API.