Do I need a user profile on Trustpilot?

You don't have to create a profile if you just want to read reviews, but you do need to create a profile if you want to share your experiences with others by writing reviews.

Why do I need a profile to write a review?

We work hard to maintain the quality of reviews on Trustpilot and to protect the integrity of our community. Therefore, every review must be connected to a profile that has a real person behind it.

In some situations, we need to be able to contact you to verify that your review is genuine and complies with our guidelines. That means we need your profile to be attached to a valid and active email address that we can use to contact you directly. We will also use this email address to notify you when a company replies to a review you have written, or asks for more information about your experience.

Find our Guidelines for Reviewers here:

What are the advantages of having a user profile?

A user profile gives you full ownership over your reviews, including the ability to change your profile settings, update your reviews and write new reviews. This profile is accessible using your Trustpilot login (click log in in the upper right corner of our site).

The only data we share with the company you've reviewed is any reference numbers you have inserted when writing reviews. Read how we handle personal data in our Privacy Policy here:

I've been sent an invitation to write a review. Do I still need a user profile on Trustpilot?

If you receive an invitation to write a review on Trustpilot from a company you recently had an experience with, you still have to sign up and create a profile before you can share your opinion with our community.

When you click the direct link in the review invitation email you received, you will be asked to accept our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. We will then automatically generate a user profile using the email address you provided to the company during the purchasing process. This profile is accessible when you log in to Trustpilot.

You can repeatedly log in to your user profile and use it to write new reviews or update existing reviews. We encourage you to share your buying and service experiences with our community.

Check out our getting started guide for more information about how things work.