Tagging and pre-tagging service reviews

This feature is part of the Enhance add-on module.

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Which themes are most popular in your service reviews? With Trustpilot’s tagging feature, categorize reviews and analyze your performance from start to finish.

Looking to increase conversions? Tagged reviews in Targeted TrustBoxes show customers your most relevant reviews. Try a targeted TrustBox on your checkout page that highlights reviews of your company’s delivery service.

How does tagging work?

Choose terms or tags according to different segments — locations, product lines, company divisions — and add these tags to reviews that match your criteria. Reviews can have multiple tags, so a review mentioning a product line and a company division would fit into two segments.

Tags are not private

Your tags are only displayed in the private API, and they are not visible on your company’s profile page on Trustpilot. However, be aware that tags are still considered public data because it’s possible to filter reviews by tag through our public API (if someone knows what to filter for).

Take precautions by following these tagging tips:

  • Write tags in a way that only internal employees understand.
  • Use internal coding systems to encrypt tags, such as a “mobileunitA” rather than “iPhone” or “mobileunitB” rather than “Samsung Galaxy”.

Note: You can't use special characters or spaces in tag names (:<>/%#&?',♫♪☁★).

Manually tag reviews

Reviews can be tagged manually on the Service Reviews page in Trustpilot Business.

  1. Find the review you’d like to tag.
  2. Click Add tag.
  1. A text box will appear.
  2. Enter your tag name/term, e.g. “London_District-020”.
  1. After clicking Add, you’ll see that the tag has been added to the review.

How can I filter my reviews by tag?

There are two ways. You can use our API (with help from a developer), or you can use the filtering option on the Service Reviews page.

  1. In Trustpilot Business > Reviews > Service reviews, on the toolbar, click the More filters button.
  2. Click the Tags button. Select a tag from the drop-down menu, then click the Apply button. To remove the filter, click the Clear all link.

How do I pre-tag reviews automatically?

You can automate tagging by specifying the tags you want to apply to a review, before the review is submitted by the customer.

If you’re collecting reviews for different office locations, you can specify tags for each office before you send out the invitations.

For example, you could tag all invitations associated with your London office with “London_District-020.” When your customers in London publish their reviews, the London tag will be automatically attached to them, and you’ll be able to segment and analyze the reviews as they roll in.


If you want to pre-tag reviews before inviting customers, you can add a tag parameter while setting up your invitations. For details, ask your developer to read our Invitation API documentation. At the moment, it’s not possible to pre-tag reviews requested from our invitation apps or our manual invitations. However, you have the option to pre-tag your reviews using the Automatic Feedback Service’s Structured Data Snippet functionality.

Contact our Support Team with any questions about the tagging feature.