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The value of a Targeted TrustBox

The Targeted TrustBox feature allows you to display specific reviews that have been tagged. This is the fourth option under Select your reviews, which is part of the configuration steps in the TrustBox Library.

Reviews can be tagged according to different segments, such as location, product lines, company divisions, etc. This enables you to customize the reviews that are displayed in a given TrustBox by context of landing page. A Targeted TrustBox only needs to be set up once and it automatically pulls in new reviews with the specified tags.

There are two steps to creating and implementing a Targeted TrustBox.

Step One - Review Segmentation by Tagging

Reviews can be tagged manually from the Service Reviews page in the Business Portal or by using the Review Tagging APIs.

Please read Review Tagging for full details.

Step Two - Targeted TrustBox Implementation

  1. Select a TrustBox in the TrustBox Library
  2. In the configuration section, select Your reviews by tag
  3. Choose a tag from the drop-down
    • Optional: specify which star ratings you’d like displayed
  4. Click on Get code - the TrustBox code snippet will now include the appropriate data attributes (data-tags="tag1") to display reviews with a selected tag. Click the button Email me this code if you want to receive the code by email or send it to your developer by email.
  5. Finally, insert the code snippet into the HTML source code - the same procedure for implementing a TrustBox.

Important: Only one tag can be used at a time - per TrustBox. However, multiple TrustBoxes can be generated with different tags.



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