Display tagged reviews in your TrustBox widget

This feature is part of the Convert add-on module.

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Use tagged reviews in your TrustBox to display the reviews that are most relevant to your customers. You only need to set it up once, and it'll automatically pull in reviews with your specified tags.

You can set up your TrustBox to display tagged reviews that target a specific audience or subject, for example, all your reviews about "delivery service".

Before you add a targeted TrustBox to your website, make sure that you've already tagged your service reviews. This helps you select reviews that focus on a specific topic or theme for your TrustBox.

Display tagged reviews in your TrustBox

  1. In Trustpilot Business > Showcase > TrustBox Library, choose a TrustBox that displays reviews.
  2. In the configuration section, select Your reviews by tag.
  3. Choose a tag from the Select tag drop-down menu.
    • In addition to tagged reviews, you can also specify which star ratings you’d like to display.
  4. Click on the Get code button. The TrustBox code snippet will now include the data attributes (data-tags="tag1") you need to display reviews with a selected tag. Click the Share instructions button to send the code to yourself or to your developer.
  5. Insert the code snippet into the HTML source code as you would with any TrustBox.

Important: You can only use one tag per TrustBox, but you can have multiple TrustBoxes with different tags throughout your website. So you could have one TrustBox that displays reviews you've tagged with "delivery service", while another one shows reviews that you've tagged with "return policy."