How to notify us about reviews that breach our guidelines

Members of our community - including reviewers - can let us know about reviews that violate our guidelines by clicking on the flag icon underneath a review.

At Trustpilot, we're a community that works together to maintain trust and integrity. We allow reviewers to notify us about reviews that violate our User Guidelines (US users, UK users) because they're fake, or they contain personal information or offensive language.

When can I notify Trustpilot about a review?

If you're a reviewer, you can notify us about reviews that violate our User Guidelines (US users, UK users) for one or more of three reasons:

  • the review contains your personal information
  • the review has offensive language, or
  • you have reason to believe the review is fake.

If you notify us about a review, you'll be asked to describe the problem and provide evidence if you have any. Be aware that notifying a large number of reviews or re-notifying reviews you've previously flagged without good reason can be considered misuse of our notifying function.

You can't use this feature to notify us:

  • about your own review. But you can change or delete it yourself
  • if you represent the company that's been reviewed. You should instead report reviews via your business account (see how to sign up and claim your free business account here).

How do I notify Trustpilot about a review?

  1. Find the review you want to notify us about. Click on the flag icon.
  2. Confirm that you're a reviewer. If you represent the company that's been reviewed, you'll be asked to use your business account.
  3. Select the reason(s) for which you're notifying us about the review. Specify the problem in the text box provided. For notifications about fake reviews, a minimum of 50 characters is required.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. You'll see an onscreen thank you message to show that our Compliance Team has been notified.
  6. Once we've received the notification, we'll investigate.
  7. If the review contains your personal information or offensive language, we'll let you know that we're asking the review's author to change it. If you've provided evidence of a fake review, then we'll investigate, but privacy reasons mean that we won't be able to update you further about what happens with the review.

What happens after I notify Trustpilot about a review?

  1. Each notification generates a ticket that is sent to our Compliance Team.
  2. We investigate the review to see if it violates our User Guidelines as specified in the notification. During this process, we continue to show the notified review on Trustpilot and still count it in the star rating and TrustScore. This helps ensure that reviews are not unjustly removed. For example, if we allowed instant removal of reviews, this could be misused by a reviewer that wants to block a company's positive reviews.
  3. If the review violates our User Guidelines, the review will be temporarily hidden. If the review is fake, it will be removed.
  4. If the problem can be addressed, our Compliance Team will email the author of the review and ask them to change the review. For example, if the review contains offensive language, the reviewer will be asked to reword it.
  5. If/when the review's author removes personal information or offensive language, the review can be put back online. If no action is taken, the review will stay offline indefinitely.

What happens if someone notifies Trustpilot about my review?

You won't be sent an email if someone notifies us about your review. However, if our Compliance Team finds that your review does violate our guidelines, you'll receive an email letting you know what you can do to help you get your review back online.

How should business users notify and report reviews?

Business users can report reviews from their business account (see which reasons companies can report reviews for here). Businesses that don't have an account can sign up for free.

If you're a business user who wishes to notify us about a review on another company's profile, you can follow the notification procedure as a Trustpilot community member.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.


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