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How can reviewers Notify Compliance?

Our Notify Compliance feature emphasizes our belief that at Trustpilot, we are a community that works together to maintain trust and integrity. This feature allows any community member to notify us about reviews they believe are violating our User Guidelines:

Notified reviews remain visible on Trustpilot, until our Compliance Team has concrete evidence that there is in fact a violation. Transparency in the process ensures that the community members' reviews are not unjustly filtered, and that all company profiles have accurate depictions of all their consumers’ opinions.

How does the Notify Compliance process work?

Each notification from a community member generates a ticket that is sent to our Compliance Team, that then conducts a thorough investigation of each notified review.

Because we believe in full transparency, there are no immediate consequences for notified reviews on Trustpilot. Immediate removal of reviews during the investigation process could be misunderstood and misused e.g. by companies that wish to block their competitors’ positive reviews. Therefore, we continue to show notified reviews unless our Compliance Team concludes that a review needs to be reported.

When should you notify Compliance about a review?

You may find reviews that you believe require our Compliance Team’s attention because they are violating our User Guidelines:

For example, a review may contain content that you believe is illegal, defamatory, obscene, fake, sensitive, etc.

Please note that you cannot notify Compliance about your own review, but you are welcome to modify or delete it.

How do I notify Compliance about a review?

    1. Find the review you want to notify us about. Click on the Notify Compliance button.
    2. Describe why you are notifying us about the review in the text field provided. A minimum of 50 characters is required.
    3. Click on Submit notification to Compliance.
    4. You will see an onscreen thank you message to show that our Compliance Team has been notified. You will not receive any further communication from Trustpilot.

What happens after I notify Compliance about a review?

  1. A notification is sent to our Compliance Team.
  2. Our Compliance Team investigates the review as to violations of our User Guidelines. During the investigation process, we continue to show the notified review and we still count it in the TrustScore.
  3. If our Compliance Team finds that the review is in violation of our User Guidelines, they create a report.

What happens if our Compliance Team reports a review?

If our Compliance Team decides to report a review, they will contact the author of the review via email. Our Compliance Team will ask the author of the review to take a specific action – as determined by the nature of the violation. For example, if the review has coarse language, the reviewer will be asked to remove the coarse language from the review. When/if the modifications are made, the review will stay on the company profile. If not, the review will be filtered by our Compliance Team.

What happens if someone notifies Trustpilot’s Compliance Team about my review?

You will not be sent an email if someone has notified us about your review. Only Trustpilot’s Compliance Team receives this notification. However, if our Compliance Team decides to report your review, you will receive an email from us requesting that you make the necessary modifications.

How should business users notify and report reviews?

Business users should not notify our Compliance Team about their own company profile’s reviews. They can report reviews from their own business account. If you don’t have an account, we invite you to sign up.

Please note that if you are a business user who wishes to notify Trustpilot about a review that is on another company profile, you can follow the same Notify Compliance procedure as Trustpilot community members.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch with us here.



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