Trustpilot and Google Seller Ratings

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Learn how to get seller rating stars for your Google Ads campaigns to increase click-through rate and help improve your quality score. This article shows you how seller ratings and Trustpilot reviews appear on Google.

What are seller ratings?

Google Seller Ratings let people know which advertisers are highly rated for quality service. Google gathers its seller ratings from reputable sources that aggregate reviews, including Trustpilot. Google rescales the ratings on a scale of 1-5, so it’s easy to compare reviews from different sources.

What do seller ratings look like?

Seller ratings are displayed as orange stars through Google Seller Rating Extensions. Seller rating stars appear in your text ads for Google Search Networks and on Google Shopping.

Seller ratings on the Google Search Network:

Seller ratings in Google Shopping Ads:

How do Trustpilot reviews appear on Google?

Trustpilot generates a feed of our business users’ service reviews every day. This feed is then collected by Google, along with the feeds of other reputable sources, to create an aggregated seller rating.

Trustpilot Business users should expect a delay of up to 6 weeks from when Google receives our review data until it appears on Google. If you've reached the seller rating requirements and have waited more than 6 weeks and still see nothing, we encourage you to contact Google directly.  

Find your seller rating 

To find your company's Google Seller Rating profile, use the following address:{yourwebsite}.

Simply insert your website address instead of "{yourwebsite}".

Note: This page will be blank until you qualify for seller ratings.

If you want to monitor your Google Seller Ratings, we encourage you to use Google's Ad Preview tool. It's a failsafe way to see Google Seller Ratings without interfering with your ads. Continuously searching for seller ratings, especially without clicking through, can negatively influence your campaign's relevancy and lead to poor ad performance. 


  • Google Seller Ratings are an automated extension on Google Search Network campaigns and are available in all countries.
  • Google uses proprietary logic to ensure only high-quality reviews are used for seller ratings.
  • Google doesn't provide specific details regarding the algorithms that generate an advertiser’s seller ratings.
  • In most cases, seller ratings only show when a business has received 100 verified reviews per country in 12 months, with a composite rating of 3.5 stars or higher.
  • Reviews usually need to be from one of Trustpilot’s verified invitation services to qualify for Google Seller Ratings.
  • Trustpilot is not informed about when Google takes our review feed, how often Google updates the review data, or what reviews Google chooses to include.
  • Trustpilot does not generate review feeds that contain coarse language.
  • Google doesn't guarantee that seller ratings are served, even if you meet all their guidelines.
  • Google doesn't serve seller ratings for every impression. Google stops showing a seller rating if a user repeatedly triggers an ad without clicking through.

For more tips, we recommend reading about seller ratings ads extensions.