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Analyze is a feature designed for companies that want to track their business performance over time. Companies can track their review ratings, TrustScore, number of reviews, and invitations. Using the Review ratings and TrustScore analytics tabs, the Analyze tool can retrieve data from December 2013 to present day. And the Invitations analytics tab can retrieve data as far back as 2010.

To access the Analyze feature, log in to your Trustpilot Business account and click on Analytics in the left side panel. Next, click on Analyze at the top of the page. Immediately underneath, you will see four tabs, the functions of which are explained below:

Review ratings

Distribution of stars: The distribution of stars shows the percentage of review ratings received over the selected time period.

What do the numbers mean in the graphs?

  • Average star rating: Learn what your company’s average star rating is on a daily and monthly basis.
  • Distribution of star ratings: Companies receive different star ratings from different customers. This graph gives an overview (by percentage) of what star ratings your company received on a daily and monthly basis.
  • Table view:Table view shows the percentage of your star distribution based on reviews for a specific day or month.
  • Number of reviews by star rating: displays the number of reviews by star rating for a specific day or month.

You can view all the rows and export them as CSV file by clicking on View all rows as highlighted in the following screenshot:

If you click on the link View all rows, a popup window will appear where you can download the data in CSV format.


Click on the TrustScore tab and here you can see how your TrustScore has developed over time. The TrustScore is the score that is calculated on the basis of all your reviews. It is displayed on your company profile page and your TrustBox(es). Please note that fluctuations in this graph develop quite slowly, as it takes a large number of reviews over time to affect the TrustScore.

Number of reviews

Here you can see how many reviews you’ve received for a specific period. Reviews are shown by source, e.g. reviews triggered by AFS invitations.

Table view: You can see the count displayed for different review sources for a specific day or month.You can export your review data as a CSV file by clicking on View all rows at the bottom of the table.

If you click on the link View all rows, a popup window will appear where you can download the data in CSV format.


Invitations sent: This chart shows you how many invitations you have sent out to customers using the Trustpilot invitation service(s).



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