How To Check If Automatic Feedback Service is Working (AFS)

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Please note that these instructions apply to AFS 1.0 and AFS 2.0.

Automatic Feedback Service 2.0 introduces a smarter and far more powerful way to integrate your eCommerce store with Trustpilot. With AFS 2.0 you can increase the number of clients who respond to your invitations in several ways. First, you can include Trustpilot’s interactive stars in your invitation template, which can increase your current conversion rate by up to 61%! Additionally, you can now optimize your conversion rate by specifying the exact date and time to deliver your invitations. Yet another benefit of AFS 2.0 is pre-tagging. For example, you can pre-tag your reviews and collect data such as city, shipping methods, or sales agent, and thereby gain insights into your business - helping you make smarter business decisions. Finally, AFS 2.0 allows you to include the products your customers have purchased, inviting them to leave both a service review and a product review through the same invitation. Click here to upgrade now or contact our Support Team or your Account Manager to make the switch today.

Before launching the Automatic Feedback Service, it’s a good idea to test it. This can be particularly useful if you are sending out invitations in different languages, or if you have email confirmations in several formats.

Follow these steps to test your Automatic Feedback Service:

  1. Make a test order to yourself from your webshop
  2. From your Trustpilot business account, navigate to Get reviews
  3. Locate the invitation created for your email and click to expand it
  4. Change the send time to the current date, or any date in the past, to send the invitation immediately

If the customer name and reference number are not being picked up on the invitation, or if you don't see the invitation in the history, please contact the Support Team.

You can get an overview of all your invitation emails in the Invitations tab. The different colors indicate the status of the invitation:

  • Yellow: Invitation is queued for delivery
  • Green: Invitation has been sent
  • Red: Invitation was not sent
  • Grey: Invitation was canceled

You can click on the Select filter button to choose between filter options. From here, you can choose to show only invitations with a specific status or date.

Tip: If you click on an invitation, you can see the customer name, customer email, language, received time and the sent time. If your order email failed to process, there will be an error message.

Possible error messages that can occur:

Not delivered - Already invited - The invitation has been sent to a recipient who has already received an invitation with the same reference number. Or the invitation has been canceled due to the custom setup in the invitation settings.

Not delivered - No template available - There is a problem with your invitation template. It's possible that the selected template has been deleted. Please ensure that you have selected an existing template under your Automatic Feedback Service settings.

Not delivered - Invalid recipient email - The invitation could not be delivered because the recipient email is invalid.

Not delivered - Delivery bounced - The invitation could not be delivered to the recipient's inbox. Please contact our Support Team for assistance.

Sender email failed - The invitation could not be delivered because the sender email has not been set up correctly. Please refer to this article for more information.