Trustpilot and Google - FAQ

Google and Trustpilot reviews can work together to impact SEO and improve your performance on the search engine. Here’s a list of the most commonly asked questions about how our platform works with Google.

Where can Trustpilot reviews be seen on Google?

The reviews your customers publish on Trustpilot may appear in the following places:

  • Google’s organic search results page
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Ads
  • Google Search Partners

The star ratings in Google Shopping, Google Ads, and Google Search Partners are displayed in Google's store rating extensions.

How does an ecommerce website get rated on Google Shopping?

An ecommerce website gets rated when using one of the review services that qualifies for Google's store ratings, such as Trustpilot. If qualified, your rating will appear automatically in Google Shopping without any action required.

How long does it take for product reviews to appear on Google Shopping Ads after Trustpilot submits the Product Reviews feed?

We submit a new batch of product reviews to Google daily. But there is an unknown delay in how long Google takes to process the data, and when they show up is out of our control. You can reach out directly to Google for more information.

Will Trustpilot reviews influence how my website ranks in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)?

Google decides what data impacts search engine results. We can't influence ranking or guarantee that the inclusion of Trustpilot reviews will impact your ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

I've seen some sites using review snippets. How can I do that using my Trustpilot reviews?

Your business can mark up your Trustpilot product reviews with review snippets on your website, as this is compliant with Trustpilot’s Guidelines. You can do this by using our SEO Product Review TrustBox or you can do it manually, by following Google’s guidelines on marking up products.

Can I delete negative reviews so that they don’t appear in Google search results?

No, we only remove reviews in specific circumstances where they are in breach of our Guidelines. Reviews that have been removed will be excluded from all feeds sent to Google, and usually, a review that has been removed will disappear from Google search results. However, it's only Google that can delete content from their index, and we can't influence the speed of content deletion. It may take 2-4 weeks before a review is removed from Google’s index.

How much does it cost to get my reviews on Google?

It doesn’t cost anything. Google’s services are available to all businesses using Trustpilot whether they have a free or paid plan.

I replied to a review – will the reply be visible on Google?

No, your replies will not appear on Google. However, if a user chooses to visit your company profile page on Trustpilot from the review, they will be able to see the reply.

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