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Learn how Google uses review data from Trustpilot to create seller ratings and how Trustpilot reviews can impact SEO and improve your performance on Google.

Important: On September 16, 2019, Google changed their rich snippet guidelines. Here’s some information about what this means for Trustpilot’s customers and community.

Where can Trustpilot reviews be seen on Google?

The reviews your customers publish on Trustpilot may appear in the following places:

  1. Google’s organic search results page
  2. Google Shopping
  3. Google AdWords
  4. Google Search Partners

The orange star ratings in Google Shopping, Google AdWords, and Google Search Partners, are displayed in Google Seller Rating Extensions.

What are Google Seller Rating Extensions and where do they come from?

Seller Rating Extensions make it easier for potential customers to identify highly-rated companies when they're using Google services.

These star ratings, aggregated from review sites all around the web, allow people to find companies that are highly recommended by online shoppers like them.

Google Seller Ratings are based on feeds from a number of review sites like Trustpilot and Google review services.

Is my TrustScore the same as a seller rating?

A company’s composite rating is calculated based on ratings from several sources on a scale of 1-5, so your seller rating will not be a direct match to your company’s TrustScore.

Source: Google

Is there any economic benefit to using Seller Rating Extensions?

According to Google, “On average, ads with seller ratings get a 10% higher CTR than the same ads without ratings.” That means seller ratings can help you increase the efficiency of your Google ads.

Source: 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your AdWords Performance

How can I use Google Seller Rating Extensions?

Google Seller Ratings is an automated ad extension, so you just need to qualify to start using it. Read more here on how to qualify.

How do I qualify for Google Seller Ratings?

If you're a business and you want to show seller ratings in a certain country, you need to collect 100 verified reviews from that country with a composite rating of 3.5 stars or higher collected over the previous 12 months. For example:

  1. If a business wants to show seller ratings in the UK they would need to collect 100 verified reviews from the UK.
  2. If a business wants to show seller ratings in the UK and US they would need to collect 100 verified reviews from the UK and 100 verified reviews from the US.

If you don’t achieve seller ratings it's either because you're not qualified or you have no reviews. Check if you have more than 100 verified Trustpilot reviews for the country that are not more than 12 months old. If you do have more than 100 verified reviews on Trustpilot and more than 6 weeks have passed without you getting seller ratings, you can directly contact Google Adwords for support.

Can my Trustpilot reviews be displayed in Google Seller Rating Extensions?

Yes. Trustpilot has a licensing agreement with Google. That means Trustpilot reviews may appear if you qualify. Google decides what reviews are shown, so Trustpilot cannot influence nor guarantee, if, when, or how your reviews appear on Google.

How long does it usually take for reviews to appear in Google Seller Rating Extensions?

Trustpilot reviews are included 2-6 weeks after you meet Google’s requirements to have seller ratings (read more here).

How much does it cost to get my reviews on Google?

It does not cost anything. Google Seller Ratings are available to all businesses using Trustpilot whether they have a free or paid plan.

Which country domains are currently covered by Google Seller Rating Extensions?

Google Seller Ratings are an automated extension on Google Search Network campaigns and are available in all countries now. Please refer to Google's support article for more information.

How does an eCommerce website get rated on Google Shopping?

An eCommerce website gets rated when using one of the review services that makes you qualified for Google Seller Ratings. If qualified, your rating will appear automatically in Google Shopping without any action required.

The customer reviews come from third party sites such as Trustpilot, which are based on your display name and registered domain. Learn more about Google Shopping Seller Ratings.

Once a business has met Google’s requirements, how does it get seller ratings?

Google controls who gets seller ratings. Please refer to Google’s documentation regarding the correct setup on Google AdWords and other Google services.

How can a business stop their seller ratings from appearing?

You can opt-out/opt-in from Automated Extensions directly in the AdWords Interface. Get more details here.

What if your seller ratings aren't showing up?

Please contact Google, and for some initial troubleshooting tips, please refer to Google’s documentation. Trustpilot monitors the feed that we send to Google every day, so there should not be problems on our end.

Will Google Seller Ratings also be displayed for subdomains, if the Trustpilot profile is on a primary domain?

Yes, this is possible. However, setup requirements are different for each business. Please contact our Support Team for help.

Will Trustpilot reviews influence how high my website ranks in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)?

Google decides what data impacts search engine results. Therefore, Trustpilot cannot influence nor guarantee whether the inclusion of Trustpilot reviews will impact your ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

If I link from my website to my Trustpilot company profile page, will this make my website appear higher or lower on Google?

Google is the only one in control of what impacts search engine results. Trustpilot cannot influence nor guarantee whether a link will impact your ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

I've seen a few sites that use Rich Snippet stars from reviews on their site. How do I do that using my Trustpilot reviews?

Your company may mark up your Trustpilot product reviews with Rich Snippets on your website, as this is compliant with Trustpilot’s Guidelines.

Can I delete negative reviews so that they don’t appear in Google search results?

No, we only remove reviews in specific circumstances where they are in breach of our Guidelines. You can report reviews via your Trustpilot Business account. Reviews that have been removed will be excluded in all feeds sent to Google, and usually, a review that has been removed will disappear from Google search results. However, it is only Google that can delete content from their index, and Trustpilot cannot influence the speed of content deletion. It may take 2-4 weeks before a review is removed from Google’s index.

Tip! Learn how inviting customers to write reviews can affect your reviews and TrustScore, and why negative reviews can help your company.

I replied to a review – will the reply be visible on Google?

No, your replies will not appear on Google, but your seller rating may motivate users to visit your company profile page on Trustpilot.

Source: More guidance on building high-quality sites