Cancel a review invitation

Learn how to cancel invitations before you send them, but be aware that you can't retract an invitation after it's been sent.

You can cancel all queued invitations. Once you have canceled an invitation, it can't be activated again. But if you change your mind and want to send out the canceled invitations, use our Get Reviews feature to manually invite them using one of our other invitation methods.

Here are some common cancellation scenarios and our suggestions for what you should do in those situations. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact our Support Team.

Important: Because we want to make sure that companies invite all customers equally and fairly (it's in our guidelines, after all), it's not possible to cancel an individual invitation.

My customer has canceled the order and I don’t want to ask for a review

People change their minds all the time, and some customers may cancel their orders. In this situation, we've got two suggestions for how to handle things without cancelling all your invitations.

  1. In your invitation email, consider including some text that states the message is automated. Follow that up with an apology that mitigates concerns the customer may have if they feel they've received the message in error.
  2. Consider changing your dispatch model to use your shipment confirmation as the invitation trigger, so you only create invitations after the order has been dispatched.

But remember... Trustpilot allows service-based reviews, so customers who have canceled their order can still review their experience with your company.

Something went wrong and I'm not sending the correct data to Trustpilot's Automatic Feedback Service

If you're concerned about any general technical issues on your system that could affect your invitation process, cancel all pending invitations. But before you do this, consider contacting our Support Team – they might be able to correct any data errors before the invitations are sent.

I want to postpone the invitation due to unexpected delays

Sometimes an order gets delayed – that happens. To make sure that your customer won't receive their review invitation before their order arrives, adjust the invitation's delivery date.

  1. In Get Reviews > Invitations > Recently invited customers, click the See full invitation history link.
  2. Click on the invitation to expand it. Under Delivery, change the Delivery date and click Save.