Why do I need to fill in a reference number?

Providing a reference number with your review helps the business identify your order or experience, respond to your review, and address any problems.

In turn, this can benefit consumers reading your review by giving them a more complete picture, and also provide valuable input for companies striving to deliver great service.

Who can ask for a reference number?

Any company on Trustpilot who has claimed their business account can ask reviewers to provide a reference number at the point of writing a review. This is regardless of whether the company subscribes to Trustpilot's free or paid services.

What is a reference number?

Reference numbers can include reference or order IDs, invoice numbers, a telephone number, track & trace number, a ticket number or perhaps a user number.

If the company you're reviewing has decided to ask reviewers for reference numbers, you'll be asked to provide one when you start writing your review. Specifically, after you rate the company by scrolling over the Trustpilot stars and begin writing your review, a box will appear asking for the number:

When you insert your reference number and submit your review, only the reviewed company and Trustpilot will be able to see it and connect your review with your order or experience.

What do I do if I'm having trouble submitting my review?

We believe that anybody who's had a genuine buying or service experience, or can show they've used a company's services, should be able to share their experience in a review on Trustpilot.

If you don't have a reference number, check whether the company you're reviewing has provided any information about how you can get one. This may appear next to the box for writing your review.

Feel free to contact us if you're having trouble posting your review.